Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


4. Chapter 4

A/N i am going to start to wright the chapter titles chapter 1, chapter 2 and so on i hope u like the story so far like and comment me please if you have any suggestions what to wright than ask and if you have to ask me something ask. Thanks for reading.
   They sat us on the couch and then they sat in front of us. The curly hair one talked first "well what happened" he has a husky british accent. "Well that is not a good way to introduce are selfs, okay i am Liam" the one with the birth mark on his neck "i am Harry" the curly haired on said "i am Lou" the one in the striped shirt said "and i am Zayn" the one with the dark hair said "oh and this is Niall" Liam said as i looked at them all and then at Niall and i smiled at him and he smiled back "thank you Niall if i wasn't for i...i..." Started to say and then i couldn't talk any more "i know what you mean your welcome" "what is going on" Harry asked "what happened to you guys did some one beat you up" Harry said again and i started crying and Niall pulled me into a hug "shhh don't worry he wont get you" he whispered so only i could hear "what did i say" Harry said "she doesn't want to talk about it"  "are you guys at lease ok" Liam asked "yes we are ok it is just that are faces are all bloody and we cant walk and he is in so much pain and she is scared shitless so am i, but other then that we are ok" Niall said in a mean tone "i am sorry Niall let me help you guys get cleaned up, Zayn get two wet cloths, Lou go and get like four ice packs, Harry you go and make Niall something to eat because that always helps him calm down and i will go get you too something to change into. Wait what is she going to wear." "Just grab on of my shirts and sweats for both of us" Niall said as Liam nodded and ran up stairs "thank you Niall i am so sorry about my father" "it is ok at least you are ok" he said as he kissed the top of my head.
   Niall's P.O.V.
  I feel so bad for, oh my god i don't know her name "so what is your name love" i said "my name is Bella but you can call me Bell" she said. I really wanted to know what he did to her because she is a beautiful young girl and i wonder how old she is "how old are you" "i am 17 what about you" well i am going to be turning 18 in a mouth" "when is you birthday" "september 13 you" "november 10" "that means around two more mouths then you are going to be 18" omg we are to same age she is pretty and i think i am starting to like her but you now if i do i better hurry and get her before Harry because every girl that i like Harry steals her from me and i could kind of tell that Harry was starting to like her, but i am going to take it a little slow first i need to convince her to stay with is first. Zayn comes running in with two wet cloths and hands them to me i wipe off Bells face and you could tell it hurt her so i did it very soft and then she wiped of ming it hurt a little but not to much. Liam comes running down with some cloths hands them to us and then they all leave to let us change. i had to help Bell and she had to help me we finished up And hen Lou comes running in with like seven ice packs i pit one on he left arm and them rap one on her right knee. "Any wear else" i asked as she pointed to he right side i ask if i could check it and i lift p her shirt and her whole side was all bloody and black and blue. "What the hell happened i asked "i will tell you later" she said i could tell she only trusted me and didnt wont anyone else to now what happened as i put two ice pack on it and rap it around and then i put two on my right side also and then on on my head. They all sit on the chairs and look at us "stop staring at us" i say "sorry" Lou said as they all look away and Harry comes running in with sandwiches there were 5 sandwiches and he comes up to me and says here is Niall's plate i will be back with yours? And then she said Bell. "You eat a lot" she said as she stared at my plat witch i already at two. "Yeah i know" and the. Harry comes in with two sandwiches for Bell. "Here you go" he said as he sets it on the table and Bell quickly takes one and eats it. "Slow down" i said "i am sorry" "when was the last time you ate?" I whispered to her and she whispered back "not senesce my punishments started" as she finished her plate and i finished ming. Oh my god she hasn't ate Sense her punishment well when did those start i am very worried.
  Bella's P.O.V.
  After me and Niall finished eating it was getting late so everyone went to bed so it left me an Niall alone in the living room i was staring at the wall as i could feel Niall staring at me i wasn't thinking and i just blurted out "whats wrong you are staring at me." "Nothing is wrong, t is just you are so beautiful i don't know why anyone would want to hurt you" "what you Niall" i said as i go lost in my thoughts. I started to think about what my father well not father i should call him Jeff that is his name, well what things he did you me and how scared i was. Then i started to cry. "Whiat is wrong Bell" Niall asked as he pulled me in for a hug "" "what about him talk to me i will listen what happened" "well when i was around 15 years old my mother died and it was so hard because all i had was my mother And my father no other family, but after awhile my dad started to drink and he got out of control when i turned 16 and ever sense he has been beating my and making me his slave and making me fell pain" i started to get tears in my eyes as i continued "well after a year and i turned 17 he started to hurt me eve harder making it hurt even more. At lease a week of so ago i was in my room and he called my name i got up to see what he wonted and he asked me to get him another beer i new i was going to regret it but i needed to stand up for my self but he started to yell at me and then he through something at me and i started to bleed from my head so i quickly got him a beer and ran to the bathroom and i raped and towel around my head and cried. I started to think that i could get away so i went back to my room and i packed a bag and then laid down for awhile. After a whle i got up and walked down stairs my dad wasnt there so i walked to the door took one deep breath and turned the knob but when i did a loud noise went off and my dad came running in and he had the angryest face ever and he took my by the hair and pulled me into a room and whispered in my ear that he is not stupid and that he was going to beat me and so he did and then he spoke again saying for the next mouth that at that time he was going to take me into that room and beat me very hard and then he dragged me into my room and left. For one i think week straight he did the same thing and i new i had to try to get out of there so i grabbed my bag again and shut my bedroom door and walked over to my window and opened it it made a noise so i quickly put one foot out when my father came running into the room and tried running for my and i just jumped out of my window and i landed on my knee and my arm but i knew i had to get up and go as fast and far as possible and so i ran/hoped until i ran around a corner and ran into you i was scared at first because i though it was my dad nut then i heard a irish boy voice talk so i was a little happy but i knew my dad was coming for my and so i looked up and then well you ended up helping my to your car because you were going help me but then went i heard my dad and you hurryed up and put me into your car and then i saw him and he started to bet you i welt so bad and i am so sorry" i said as i bave Niall a hug and cried. I felt so safe with him don't know why.  "It is ok Bell i wonted to help you and i am fine i will make it i am not dead and we have you that i am worried about." Did he just say he is worried about me, i am starting to like this boy he is so sweat. "Well sense we really cant move we can just sleep here tonight and in the morning i am bring you to the doctors to get you checked out."Niall said "Okay but you are getting checked out to" i said "no i am ok" "well you are not okay if you cant walk" "well okay we will both get checked out okay""okay thanks" i said as we went to sleep.

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