Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


38. chapter 38

      Bella's P.O.V.

  It is now April and the boys are doing good Niall and Harry have been doing good to they arent fighting really anymore and they are doing better. Niall is doing better him self and he is happy. Right now we are all in a van and what i mean by we is Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, me, El and Danielle. We were coming back from the airport because the boys just got done tour and now we are heading back to the flats and i am very tired but the rest of the boys are all talking and laughing and the two girls are sleeping on Liam and Louis.


  "Bella are you tired you can sleep on my shoulder i will wake you up when we get back we still have like an hour drive left" Niall said and i nodded and laid my head down on his shoulder and closed my eyes and i feel asleep.


  ~Dream/ Flashback~

 "Bella get down here" I heard me father yell to me and he sounded very drunk. "I'm coming" i yelled back down as i walked out of my room down stairs were i saw my dad sitting in his chair looking at a blank wall. "What do you want" i said "take my shoes off for me" he said "no i am not your slave" i said "but you are my little bitch that does what i say" he said "now take them off" he finished "no" i said "what did you just say no" he said "yeah" i said regretting what i said and he got up and walked over to me "no you are going to get what you deserve" and he pulled me into a room and started to beat me "STOP" I yelled "PLEASE" I yelled.

~Dream/ Flashback~


  "Bella" "Bella wake up" I heard some one say and i opened  my eyes breathing fast sitting up "stop" i said and i noticed that i was full of sweat and i look down at me and i open my arms no bruses and then i look where i am and i am in a van with the one direction my boys and El and Danielle and they all are up looking at me. "Are you okay" Niall said to me and i looked at him an a tear came out of my eye and he pulled me into a hug "whats wrong" he said "my dad i had a dream of what happened once when i was with him" i said "Bella everything is going to be okay i will protect you" he said softly and i knew i could trust him and i was so happy to finally fell that way.




  Me and Niall walk into are house and walk to the bedroom where we put all are stuff by the bed and Niall jumps onto it and lays on his back as he puts his phone on the stand next to him. "Come lay next to me" he said opening his arms and i do and he hugs me. "Bella i love you and i will always love you, you know that right" he said and i looked up at his face into his eyes and i could tell he was very serious "yes i know you love me and i love you to" i said adn he kissed me.


  We were kissing for like three minutes and then Niall phone started to ring and he pulled away "what the fuck can i have any time to my self with you" he said looking at me "sorry" he said "it is okay take it" i said pointing to his phone and he picks it up and answers it.


       Niall's P.O.V.

 I picked up my phone and pressed answer and put it to my ear "Hello" i said "hey Niall grab all the boys and head down here we are going to have a quick meeting" i heard Tom say "but we just got back why" i said a little angry "because i told you now get the boys and get down here" he said a little angryer "and if i dont" i say "well if you dont i will get secerity to come over to you and bring you here my self" he said "so like kidnapping wait adultnapping wait is that a thing well i think you can get charged with that" i said trying to make him mad "Niall get your ass down here" "and.." i startted to say "Niall James Horan get you fucken ass down here or you will be kicked out" he said "what did i say about useing my middle name and go right a head" i said "Niall do it" he said "wait what am i doing" i said a little laughing now "oh you think this is funny.." i cut him off "i do think this is funny" i said "just get the boys and get down here" he said "okay and i forgot why do we need to go down there again" i said with a big smile "because there is a fuucken meeting okay and come here now and you can bring you little thing girlfriend what ever with you if you want she can stay in the waiting room" he said and my smile disapered "wait what did you just call her a thing" i said angry "what ever get you ass down her.." i cut him off by hanging up and throughing my phone on the table next to me.


   "Who was that" Bella said "who do you think" i said "managment" she said "yep i hate them we have to go to a stupid meeting" i said "sounds fun, you sounded like you were talking to your mother at some points" she said and i smiled "just trying to make them mad but that wasnt a good idea because now i have to go talk to them" i said "you will be okay" she said and i got up off the bed "okay lets get the others" i said and she fallowed.




  We arrived at the managment building and we all walked in. The girls stayed in the waiting room as we walked to the big doors which led to the managment and Tom. Liam walked in foallowed by Harry Louis Zayn and then me and Tom didnt look every happy when he saw me. All the boys sat and i was about to sit when Tom told me to come over to him and i did.


  I walk right next to him and he stood up "okay Niall i dont like little jokes" he said "i wasnt joking i was just tired and yeah' i said "well i dont like you talking to me like that" he said "sorry mum" i said "okay now sit i need to talk to you boys mostly Niall" he siad and i took a seat smiling.


  "Okay so you boys did a very good job on tour kept the fans happy" he said with a smile "May 25 is when you guys and your girlfrinds are going to be going into the cattage" he finished and we all nodded are heads. "Okay so Niall lets talk" he said looking at me "about?" i said "so i heard something about a brake in or something" he said and my smile dropped because i know he is going to blame Bella for all this, "yeah but it is okay" i said "and i heard you also knew this guy" he said "well i knew him but i didnt know his name until we went to the police station" i said "okay and who was this guy" he said "his name was Jeff he doesnt like me very well" i siad "yeah and how did you too meet" he said "we meet a while back when i saved Bella from him" i said "oh so he knows Bella" he said "okay okay it was Bellas father you happy" i yelled "oh so Bellas father tried to kill you again after he tried like three other times" he said "yeah so he is in jail" i said "and he will be back out later on and how are you going to raise a child with someone trying to kill you" he said and i lost it and a tear came out of my eye "well let me just stop you right there, we dont have to worry about that anymore you got what you wanted Harry here almost killed me and Bella got so stress that she lost the baby and i bet that that we the plan all along, Harry dont even like Bella do you he is just making you do things isnt he too get ride of Bella or me" i said "Niall dont think like that i am soory about the baby" he said and more tears came out of my eyes " i am shore you are" i said and i stood up and through the chair "Niall calm down" Liam said "how am i spose to calm down Liam i am going home" i said and i kicked the doors open and they smashed into the walls and made holes in them "you might want you fix that" i said and i had tears every where and i walked down the hall into the waiting room where the girls were.


   "Niall what is wrong" Bella said "oh Niall are you okay" El said "why dont you talk to Tom he would shore like to tell you how he hates me" i yelled "Niall stop come on" i heard Tom yell behind me and i turn around "why because you want to make everything better why dont you tell Bella all the things you think about her and tell me again how he is my little girlfrind thing or that she is making my life a living hell and all the stuff you said but get this i am the one to decide to help her out that night i am the one that decided to help her to let her stay with me and to take care  of her i am the one that asked her out she just said yes i am the one that stood up for her when i could just backed away i am the one that wants to stay with her she is doing nothing it is all me so if you want to try to get rid of someone then get rid of me because this is bullshit, anything else" i yelled into his face and he looked shocked "no okay i am leaving now see you soon" i said and i turn around and took Bellas hand and me and her walked out of the building and i heard everyone else come out after me as we pilled into the car.


   Everyone was silent until Harry talked "are you.." i cut him off "Harry just please be quiet you i am not to happy with ither" i said and i looked out of the window until we arrived back to the build where we all live and me and Bella went to are house and ate supper and went to bed.

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