Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


37. chapter 37

      Niall's P.O.V.

  After we were all finished eating the cope from earlier came in "okay we got a guy and some people with him so we need you to come with me and help tell if this is the guys" he said and i fallowed and the rest of the boys and girls behind me as we entered a room and there was five guys behind a glass wall. "Do any of these men look farmiller" he said "the one in the middle is the Jeff and the other four are workinng for him, Jeff is the one that did this to me" i said and i ponted to my stomach and chest "alright bring them to there cells" hee said and i saw some copes take them all way.


  "Okay you you are alowed to go back to your home, they never got into your house and we got some of your seceroty at your building Mr. Horan" he said "just call me Niall but okay so we can go now" i asked and he nodded yes and we all walked away outside and on the street to are building and the rest of the boys and girls were talking and trying to talk to me but i just stayed quiet because i was still a little startled from what happened. "Niall are you okay" i heard Harry say and i just lost my cool and i punched a wall and i had pain go all the way up my arm and there was blood every where "just dont talk to me" i yelled and i ran off as fast as i could away from them. I just couldnt handle it and now my arm hurts so i am jjust full of luck arent i.



      Harry's  P.O.V.

 We left the station and we where walking to are building and we were all talking but Niall was silent and the boys and girls tried to talk to him but he just stayed quiet so i tried "Niall are you okay" i all i said and he stifened up and he punched a wall very hard and blood went every where and he bent down in pain "just dont talk to me" he said and he ran off. "Where is he going" Liam said "i dont know" Zayn said and we started to run after him but we couldnt find him anywheres.


   "We should just go back home he will come" Louis said "Okay lets go" Zayn said and we started to walk and Bella has her head down and she looks very sad and i would to if i were her and i am now so i cant amagin how she feels.


   We got to the building and we all decided to go to Nialls and Bellas house to keep her busy but we couldnt get in because of the shelf so we decided to just chill in the spare room where there wwas a lot of room. We just talked waiting for Niall to come back hoping he was okay.


     Niall's P.O.V.

  I was leaning against a wall holding my bloody arm that wont stop bleeding because i mest up my whole nuckles. I took off my shirt and wrapped it around my arm, i looked down at my stomach and cchest and there were still a couple scaes but it was getting better. I decided to walk to the bar to have a few drinks but what i didnt realize is that i ended up haveing lkke thirty drinks.


  I started to walk back home and i was so drunk and it took some of the pain away but i was still mad as hell at something but i dontt remember because i am so drunk. I walked up outside of are building and i walked in side. I walked to the stairs and walked up them to me floor. I opened the door where i saw three other doors and i walked to ming but when i went to open it is wouldnt open so i started to run into it but then i walked into Louis and Els room and found somethind hurd and i broke the door and i opened it up and pushed the shelf out of the way a. I walked into the kitchen and opened a cuboard and took out some wrap and tap. I first wrapped my arm with the shirt still on it and then i tapped it so it was very hard and then i walked back out into the hall way.


  I ran up to a wall and punched it and i fell to the ground with tears every where and then everyone came out to me and helped me to my feet "Niall are you okay" Liam said "yeah i am just perfect i just have six people wanting to kill me and two of them i want to hurt really bad" i said "six i though there was only five" Louis said "i think i know the other one" Harry said "oh you do smartass are you so clever how did you find out" i said looking at him "because i know you retared" he said back "do you know you are very good at helping people feel better but do you know what would help more is if you let me beat the crap out of you" i yelled in his face "do you see how far this came to Harry just becase you can get you way" i yelled again "oh Niall you think i am just going to give up like that oh you dont know me that well i will get what i wont and when i do i will do stuff infront of you that you will not like i will video tape us and i will tie you up and make you watch it or even worst and you no what i mean Niall i will get what i want" he said "you dont talk about her like that" i said and i punched him in the face and pushed him to the ground "why dont you just go find someone of the street and fuch them and then dich them the next morning" i yelled at him "really okay, hey Bella do you mind going out on the street" Harry asked and i jumped on him and started punching him until Liam and Zayn pulled me off and Harry got up "why you toold me to do that' he said "Bella do you mind" he said again and i looked at Bella and she was crying and looked confuessed and she nodded yes and she started to walk away and when she started to walked down the stairs Harry walked after her "NO BELLA DONT" i yelled but the door closed.


   "Let go of my do you get whatt he is trying to do" i said kicking them both in the ball not to hard and they let go of me and i ran to the door and i saw Harry walking down the stairs not to far from me and i jumped on him but her through me down the stairs nex tto where Bella was walking and i was in so much pain and Bella looked at me and she gasped "niall" she said and she knelt down next to me "dont go out there okay" i said and she nodded. "HARRY WHAT THE HELL WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" Bella screamed and Harry looked shocked "i am so sorry Niall i i i" he started to say and he fell to the ground with tears coming out of his eyes.


   I slowly got up because i pretty much landed on my bad arm so it hurt very badly. The boys ccome running out and get Harry up and Bella and me walk up the stairs "okay room now we are going to talk this out and Niall why do you have no shirt on" Liam said and i looked at him with a killer look "sorry" he siad and we all walked up to my and Bellas house and Liam and Zayn held me on one couch and Louis and El held Harry on the other and we had to talk it all out and i couldnt get up to hurt him or leave i had to sit down and we had to talk about it.


*I know that was one of the wrost chapters ever i will work on it but i am going to skip three mounths later were they are all going to be better now well keep reading and comment please thanks bye*

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