Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


34. chapter 34

       Bella's P.O.V.

  When we got home I was so tired and I just wanted to go to bed and so did Niall so Niall ended up picking me up and carrying me to are bedroom where we got into a sleeping close and went to bed. I slept like a baby all through the night and it was so nice to finally have a good night sleep and I think it is because I feel like more at home when I am in my own house with Niall it feels more homey.


    The next morning I woke up and Niall was awake beside me smiling at me and I smiled back "good morning beautiful" he said and he kissed my lips "good morning handsome" I said and kissed his lips and then we got up and walked together to the kitchen. "What do you want for breakfast" I asked Niall as he sat down "pancakes" he said "coming right up. How many?" "Three" "okay and I will have two so that is five in all" I said as I got all the ingredients out and started to make some pancakes for me and Niall to eat.


    After I was done cooking I had five pancakes and I cleaned up everything I brought the pancakes per to the table, two plates and two forks for me and Niall and then I brought over the syrup and juice with two cups and me and Niall ate together in peace.


   Well peace didn't take that long because four annoying boys come running in the room fighting about something "do you guys knock and what are you doing here" Niall said "well we didnt have to knock the door was unlocked if it was locked we would have a reason to knock and we are here to see you" Lou said with a smirk "smart ass, why do we always come to our place" Niall said "because we want to" Louis said and Niall didn't answer.


    When we were done eating we put all are things away and we walked into the living room were the four boys and the two girls were sat talking and fighting like normally. But the only thing was that Louis and Harry weren't in the room "where is Louis and Harry" i asked and then someone picked me up well two people which were Louis and Harry and ran me out of the room.


    "PUT ME DOWN" I yelled punching them "NEVER" Louis yelled and then they ran into the spare room and they brought me into the bed room and they took out hand cuffs and cuffed me to the bed and my feet to. "Okay now we are done see you later Bella" they said and they left the room.


      "I HATE YOU GUYS GET ME OUT OF THESE" I yelled but all i heard was laughing.


     Niall's P.O.V.

 The boys walked back into the room "what did you do with her" i asked "nothing" Louis said and Harry smiled at me and  then i heard a loud scream and i got up "serously" i said and i walked out of the room and into the spared house next to me and Bellas house and walked into the room where i saw her handcuffed to the bed. I closed and locked the door.


  "So you like being handcuffed" i assked laying on her "only when the handsomest man is laying on me" she said with a smirk "lets let the boys know that having you handcuffed wasnt that bad of an idea" i said and she smirked "lets" she said and i kissed her hard and i rubbed my hands up and down her thighs and she groaned into my lips and i smiled.


  She then rubbed her hands on my crouch and i groaned very loudly but sense are lips were locked it wasnt that loud. I pushed my tounge into her mouth and she did the same. I pulled away from the kiss and i kissed her neck and colerbone were she groaned and then i moved back up to her lips.


 This went on for about another five minutes until we stopped and i let her out and we walked hand in hand out of the house and back into ours where everyone was sitting in the living room. I walked to the couch and sat and Bella sat next to me i looked at Harry and he looked at me like you was going to kill me and i have to say it was scaring me a little. He was just sitting across from me.


  All of a sudden Harry gets up fast and grabs me by the shirt "what the hell man do you really want to hurt me again because go right a head i dont care do it because i am so mean to you" i said pushing him away "why the hell do you have to be such a jackass" harry said to me "what did i do" i said "you know what you did" he said "are we still talking about that why cant you just get the fuck over it i won you lose and also there was never a win lose anyways so shut the fuck up and go on with life okay" i said and i walked out of the house and down the hall.


  "Hey i am not done talking to you" Harry said running into the hall to "but i am done talking to you i will never give up just move on you can hurt me all you want but i love her and you have to deal with that Harry, you can punch me and hurt me and kill me if you want but just to tell you who would want you when you killed or hurt someone because you couldnt get your way, now just leave me alone i need to get some air" i said and i opened the doors and walked downstairs and down the hall out side.


  I was just standing outside when i heard someone yell "THERE YOU ARE COME HERE" and i looked up to see Bellas dad. I turned around and ran into the building with him fallowing me. I ran to the stairs and down the hall to my house where i ran into and slammed the door and locked it and i moved a shelf a big shelf full of things in it and i slid down it to the ground holding my chest and stomach.


  "what the hell" i heard someone say and i jumped up and grabbed a lamp "get away" i said and i noticed it was just Liam and the boys there "oh sorry it is just you" i said and i put it down and then i heard banging noises from the doors "Niall open this fucken door or i will find a way in and this time kill you" he yelled banging on the door "oh crap what am i going to do" i said walking in a circle "what is going on" Louis said "oh the whole band and you girlfriend is in there to oh this is going to be fun i can tie them up and they can watch as i kill you little at a time" he yelled laughing "or i can kill them to" he said "no dont kill them just leave me alone" i yelled and i turned around to everyone "what is going on" Zayn said "well i am going to die because some body couldnt be a friend to me and deal with the face that they arent going to win and  made me mad and i went out side and ran into someone that wants to kill me" i said looking at Harry "i am sorry" Harry said "wait who is it" Liam said "oh i think Bella knows how it is" the man yelled "no no no he is in jail" Bella said "Bella dont worry he doesnt want you he wants me" i said hugging her "how does that make anything better" she said and i let go of her and walked over to the door "i will call the copes on you" i said "and if you do i will kill you before they even come" he said and i backed away from the door and i call everyone over and took out my phone and everyone else did the same and then i made a group message with everyone in it.


 Niall: Okay you all need to use the back door to this house and go down the fire escape okay


Liam: Niall we are not leaving you to get killed you are coming with us.


Niall: Okay but this is what we need to do we need to get as many bags as we can and fill them with food and drinks and monkey and what ever we can okay and then we can okay lets go.


Danielle: Okay lets go and we better go fast.


  With that we all looked at each other and i signed for them to fallow me and they did into me and Bellas room. "okay everyone get a bag and fill it with things and be very quiet and i am going oto pretend like we are still locked in here and talk to him okay" i whispered and everyone did what is said and i walked over to the door.


  "why do you want to kill me" i said "because you stold me daughter" he said and it was quiet.


  Five minutes later everyone was in the living room with a bag and Bella had one for me and i grabbed it and i started to walk to the back door and everyone fallowed. I opened the door and there where stairs that led to the top of the building where we went.


  We got to the top and i found the fire escape and we all climbed down it very slowly and carfully and i have to say it was quite scary because it was so far up. When everyone made it to thee bottam i stated to run and everyone ran with me into an alley with a little light and there was two dumpsters there two and one other one at the end.


   "okay so i remember that there where more people with him so it is going too be a while but i have an idea for now, grab all the dumpsters and make a dome with them all and we can all cuddle to gether okay" i said and everyone nodded.


  Harry and Zayn went and grabbed the other dumpster and we made them into and dome and when inside and put all the bags down. "okay who packed the blankets" i asked and Bella and El raised there hand "there are three bags of blankets" Bella said and i grabbed those three bags ad they were big and i opened on and there was a very big blanket which i took out and i laid down on the ground on the right side and then there was another big blanket where i laid on the other side "okay big enogh" i said and everyone  nodded and then i put all the other blankets everywhere for everyone and we all sat down on them.


  The order was Louis, El, Liam, Danielle, Zayn, Harry, Me and Bella. Me and Bella shared two blankets Zayn and Harry shared two, Liam and Danielle shared two and Louis and El shared two. I didnt really want to be next tto Harry because he started all this but i tryed not to think about it. "Okay pillows" i asked and Liam Danielle and Zayn raised there hands and gave me there bags and i took out seven pillows and i handed them out to everyone but me because i gave Bella the big pillow and we were going to share it "okay drinks" i asked and Harry handed me a bag cooler and i opened it up and it had a lot of ice and then water and beer in it 'okay and then most importantly food" i said and Louis and El gave me two bags off food.


  I decided to stack the bags that had nothing in them on the other side of Bella so it wasnt that scary for her. "anyone hungry" i asked and we all said yes so i took out two bags of chips annd we devoured them and everyone took a water and we all laid down and i curled up to Bella and held her tight "dont worry tomorrow i will have the copees get them okay and everything will be okay" i whispered in her ear and she turned towereds me and looked into my eyes and kissed my lips "i now you will" she whispered back to me and kissed me once more and curled up to me and fell asleep and so did i and the rest of the boys and girls still thinking of what could of or did happen and what is going to happen if he gets me.

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