Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


30. chapter 30

    Niall's P.O.V.

 The next mornig i woke up at 7:00 so i decided i would wake up Bella. I kissed her lips and she groaned and opened her eyes "good morning lets get ready and wake up the others" i said and we both got up and got into are cloths and brushed are hair and teeth and packed everything up and took are phones and bags and walked out of the room down stairs.


   We put all are things next to the door and i looked at the time 7:30 "i am going to go and wake up the lads" i said and i left to go up stairs. I got to Harrys door and i opened it and i ran and jumped on him "wake up Harry" i said "im up and why are you already" he said "becasue it is 7:30 and me and Bella woke up at 7:00 silly now get ready" is said and did the same to the rest of the boys and walked back down stairs with Bella.


  "you hungry" i asked Bella and she nodded and i walk into the kitchen and grabbed to poptarts and walked back out and gave her one. "i have a question is there going to be food there" she asked "well yes for starts and then we have to get are own food but ever month they do give us some food but not a lot but with how i eat we are going to need a lot and i will eat at the boys flats to" i said and she giggled and then i heard El and the rest of the boys running down the stairs "you ready" i asked and they all said yes and we left with all are stuff into two cars.


   Me, Bella and Liam in one, Liam driving and then Zayn El, Louis and Harry in the other. And we all drove off to the flats in London.




    We arrived at the flats and it was a huge building with like six houses in them. The extra i heard was going to be a extra house to put things in or use as anything WE wanted. We got out of the cars and grabbed are bags and started to walk to the building. We got inside and there were a long hallway with three doors and then a stair case at the end.


  Liam and Danielle were the first room so they went in "okay i will see you later" Liam said as Danielle and Liam walked hand and hand inside there room. We walked a little further down the hall where Harrys room was "see ya later" he said as he went into his room. We got down to the last door on this floor where Zayn said see ya and walked into. "Okay now to are floor" Louis said sa me Niall, Lou, and El walked up the stairs to the next floor where there were three more rooms. We got to the first ones "okay see you two later i hope" he said and they walked into the room and closed the door. Me and Niall walked hand and hand tot eh next door as we got to it Niall asked "you ready" into my ear "yeah lets go" i said and he opened the door and we carried all are stuff inside.


  "Oh my god" i said as i looked around "i know it is huge" he said hugging me from behind "yeah it is where are are rooms" i ask turning around facing him. "I think they are over here" he said as he led me down and little hall where there were two doors a bathroom and a bedroom whitch also has a bathroom built in. The room had a queen size bed and two dressers and a tv it was a good bedroom "i call this side" Niall yelled running over to the bed and juming on the right side. I walked over and laid on my side and closed my eyes.


  All of a sudden i fell a body over me and when i open my eyes Niall crashes his lips onto ming. He pulls back and whispers to me "you ready" and i nod my head yes and with that he crashes his lips to ming again. His hands find its ways to the bottom of my shirt as he pulls it off from me which breaks are kiss but he has a smirk on his face. I put my hands on his belt on his pants and pull him down on me as i unbutton his pants and pull them down. For some reason he doesnt have a shirt on which makes it a lot easyer. He pulls down my pants and underwear at the same time and i giggle. He looks up at me and starts kissing me when i feel one finger go inside of me and i groan on his lips and then two fingers. I take my hands and put them on his boxer band and i open it up and rip them off him. He takes his fingers out of me and puts them in his mouth and smiles and then he whispers in my ear "are you sure about this will it hurt the baby" he said "no it wont i read and made sure and actully when you are around time to give birth if you have sex it helps brake your water " i said "brake your water what" he said "dont worry about it i will tell you later no do your thing" i said 'okay mum" he said and then he pushed him self inside me and pushed his body on me. He took off my bra and i rapped my legs around his waist and i started to grind against him and he groaned loudly. He then started to grind against me and we were both groaning when i heard soeone open the door and yell 'Hello' well it sounded like everyone. "oh crap' i said and Niall quickly got out of me and we both got off the bed and found are cloths and got dress "Bella there is a problem" i heard Niall said and i looked over to him "what" and i saw what he was pointing to. He had a big boner "what am i going to do" he said "just stay in here and try to get it to go away and if not come out with something over it okay i got to get out there okay" i said and i ran out the door laughing "ITS NOT FUNNY" I heard him yell and i laughed louder.


  When i got out into the living room i saw every one in there "hey" Liam said "what are you laughing at and wheres Niall" Lou said "Niall is inthe room doing something, and you dont want to know what i amlaughing about'' i said "YEAH I CAN HEAR YOU OUT THERE IT IS NOT FUNNY YOU DID THIS" I heard Niall yell "SORRY I WILL SHUT UP, WHY DONT YOU JUST COME OUT HERE NIALL" I said "I DONT THINK THAT IS THE BEST IDEA" he said "COME ON NIALL COME OUT HERE OR WE WILL BRING YOU OUT HERE" Harry said and then i heard the door open and Niall run out of the room and come running to us and jump and lay stomach first on the floor "ouch" Niall said "what the hell man" Liam said and i laughed "stop laughing Bella" Niall said and he scoted over to me and pulled me down and he sat on his butt and made me sit on his lap. "there lets see how you like it" he said with a smirk.


  I was sitting right on his bundel and it was so hard not to groan. I couldnt take it anymore and i punched him in "why did you just do that" Zayn said "you dont need to know" i said back "even though it hurt it helped" Niall said and i laughed. Everyone was starring at us confeused. "dont ask" i said and the rest of the night we ate and talked and hung out and laughed and did random things. I also got to meet Danielle and hang out with her and she was very nice and sweet and now me El and Danielle are good friends.

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