Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


20. chapter 20

  We get to the hospital and check in and we are tooking into a room right of. "can i have you sit on the bed for me and you may sit in the chair next to the bed Mr. Horan" the doctor said 'please just call me Niall" Niall said 'okay well my name is Mr. fleck and i will be your doctor" he said and he pulled his laptop closer to him. "so Mrs. Carter what seems to be the problem" he ask me "i havent beenn feeling very good the last week and something days" i said and he was typing away "what do you mean by not feeling good?" he asked "well every morning @ 2 i would get up and puck my brains out and i have been very weak" i said looking down "okay we might have to do a couple of test on you would you like me to contact you mother or father" he said "NO" i said and looked and Niall and he touched his chest and stomack "Okay but i will be back in shortly" he said very confuessed and walked ways.


   I look at Niall "do you thhink there is something wrong with me" i ask and he gets up and hugs me "i bet everything is going to be okay" he said and then the doctor walks in wheeling a cart of stuff with him. "okay could you take of your sweat shirt for me please" he said as he rolled up his chair closer to me "yeah" i said and took off my sweat shirt and Naill took it "Niall do you think you could hold her still becasue this might hurt a little" he said and i started to get nervouse and Niall nodded his head yes and walked over to me and held me and the doctor took a big needle out and something else and rubbing alcohol and a papertowel and a bandade "okay you ready" he aid and i nodded yes and he rubbed some alcohol on my arm right on my vain and anf then took the needle and stuck it into the vain and i hurt a little but Niall helped me and then he took it out and some blood was coming out and he tooking with his other little tool that i have no clue what it is and then he put a bandade on it "okay there we go no i have to go and test these so i will be back" he said and me and Niall nodded yes "it might take a while so you can take a nap" he told me and i nodded yes again and he left and shut the door.


   "Okay so i a going to take a nap okay" I told Niall "would you want to join me" i contiue 'yeah" he said with a smil and we lay down in the bed and take a little nap. I end up haveing a dream that the test come back that there is something wrong with me and i am going to end up dieing from it so i didnt have a good nap until my dreams stop and it was just a peaceful blank sleep.




  I wake up to an emty bed and i look over and i see Niall in the chair on his phone. He looks up and sees me "hey bueatiful" he said with a smile "hey handsome" i said back witha smile. Then his phone starts to ring and he answers it "hello....what do you need....because i am at the hospital with Bella....WHAT DO YOU ME BY THAT....YOU ARE TALKING BULLSHIRT....YOU CANT TELL  MY WHAT TO DO I WILL NEVER DO THAT....WELL I AM NOT DOING THAT BECAUSE YOU CANT MAKE ME I AM OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS....WELL WHY DO I GET IN TROUBLE ALL THE TIME AND THE OTHER BOYS DONT.... HA. IF I HEARD THAT RIGHT YOU SAID EQUALLY, WHICH IS A BI LIE BECAUSE I GET LESS OF EVERYTHING I AM ALWAYS LAST IT IS NEVER FAIR. WHY?....I AM NOT YOU TREAT ME DIFFERENT NOT IN A GOOD WAY EITHER LAST TIME I HAD A GIRLFRIEND I HAD TO BRAKE UP WITH HER BECAUSE I DONT HAVE TIME FOR A GIRLFRIEND, BUT LIAM AND LOUIS BOTH HAD GIRLFRINEDS AND HARRY WAS HAVING A NEW GIRL EVER WEEK OR SO AND YOU DIDDNT CARE.... DONT NIALL ME I DONT REALLY CARE ANYMORE I WILL TALK TO YOU LATER I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY GIRLFRIEND WHO WHICH IS IN THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN PUKING HER BRAINS OUT FOR THE PAST WEEK AND A HALFIF YOU DIDNT CARE OR IS ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS THE MONEY. FUCK YOU, I WILL SEE YOU AT THE INTERVIEW TOMORROW. BYE" he siad madly and hung up the phone and slamed it on the arm of the cchair "you okay" i ask "no i should ne asking if you are okay" he said with a fake smile. 'i am okay not how about you" i ask again. "manigment hate them" he said and he played with my hand and right then the doctor came in the room.


      "hello i have some questions for both of you and then i have some news" he said and me and Niall both nod. "okay questions have you been eating laty" "yah" "how much" "not much" i said and looked down "okay and have you been up and walking around" "no not really i feel so weak that is just stay in bed" "okay a question for Niall" "okay" Niall said "what happeneds at night" "well every night around 2 in the morning Bella  would get up and run to the bathroom and i would follow her because i know what she is dong i would confort her and she would be in the bathroom for ten minutes and then we go back to bed" Niall said "okay that is go to know" he said and he starts to wright it all on her laptop. "okay now the news, okay you are pregnant" when he said the my eyes got big "okay so some things you might want to start eating more because you are eeating for two and from what i have heard Niall aready does that" he said and i smile "and another thing is that the pucking is just morning sickness and you will have them for another one or two weeks okay i will see you back her for your one mounth check up oh and also try not eating to much caffein and no alcohol of medicine if you are having any problems then i would come and get it checked  out try not to get to stress it could hurt the baby and you i will see you soon" and with that he left us. I look at Niall and he is about as shocked as i am.


  "Niall what just happened" i said "i think we are having a baby" he said and a smile spreads across his face and so with me "wwhat are we going to tell El and the boys and your parents and managment." i said "boys and E#l it can be a christmas suprize parents when we go and see them and management after chrismas vacation we can tell them together okay" he said and he gave me a big kiss. "i love you" he said when we pulled apart "i love you too' i replyed

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