Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


12. Chapter 12

  Niall's P.O.V.  

  Oh god i am alive i thought i died, wait i cant open my eyes i hear someone yelling it is Bell "OKAY NIALL YOU CAN WAKEUP NOW IT HAS BEEN 7 WEEKS WAKE UP PLEASE" oh my god Bell i have missed you has it been that long why can i open my eyes. "NIALL WAKE UP" i am why cant you hear me. "NIALL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WAKE UP" i am trying i force my eyes open "Bell" i said and her head lefts and she "NIALL" she said as she gave me a big hug. She lets g and runs for the door and yells for doctors and nurse and they al run int the room "oh i see you are awake are you felling ok" one of them say i is hard to talk so i try making my sentence simple "hard to talk breathe and keep eyes open" i say "well it is going to be like that for a while "also i am very hungry" i said "Niall you are always hungry you normally eat 20 meals a say and yet you haven't eaten in 7 weeks" Bell chuckles "what would you like" they asked " Nando's" i ask "i could call the boys and they could pick some up if you like" Bell said with a smile "yes please" i said and she took out the phone i got her and out t to her ear.


   Bella's P.O.V.

 I was siting with Niall and i was crying it has been 7 weeks and he needs to wake up "OKAY NIALL YOU CAN WAKE UP NOW IT HAS BEEN 7 WEEKS WAKE UP PLEASE" there was no answer not even a move from him "NIALL WAKE UP" still nothing "NIALL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WAKE UP" i said and then i can here a weak voice saying my name i look up and it is Niall "NIALL". Say and i hug him. I let go and run to the door and yell out of it telling the nurses and doctors to come, as we run into the room they ask if you is okay "it is hard to talk breathe and keep my eyes open" Niall said"well it is going to be like that for a while" they sad "also i am very hungry" Niall said "Niall you are always hungry you normally eat 20 meals a day and yet you have not eaten in 7 weeks" i said giggling "what would you like" the doctor said "Nando's" Niall said "i could call the boys they could pick some p if you like" i said "yes please" he said as i took out my new phone he got me and found Liam's phone number and i called.

"hey Li" i said

"Hey Cow Bell why are so happy" 

"well it happens to be that are little leprechaun is awake" i said and all i can hear is yelling of joy and then i can hear Harry in the background 

"what is going on who are you talking to" Harry said 

"Well this is Bella and i just are little leprechaun has waken up" Liam said

"really" i hear all the boys say

"out her on speaker" i hear Harry say as Liam puts me on speaker.

"hey boys" i said 

"hey cow bell" they all said 

"would you like to hear from are little leprechaun" and they all scream yes "Niall some people would like to talk to you" i said and i put on speaker phone.

"hey" Niall said weakly

"hey mate hows it going" they said

"good" Niall siad

"you sound a like weak"

"yeah it is hard to talk breathe and sometimes keep my eyes open" Niall said

"okay boys i want to ask you something" i said

"anything love" Harry said

"well are little leprechaun hasn't eaten in 7 weeks and is hungry so i was wondering if you guys could stop at Nando's and pick up some food and come here and we can all eat together" i said

"Niall is always hungry but of course we will pick are little leprechaun some food" Liam said

"thanks see you later" Niall said and they said there goodbyes and i hung up


   "i have missed you" i said to Niall "i have missed you to" he said and he brought me closer and kissed me "how have you been" he asked after we pulled away "well some times i have a little trouble breathing at night but i have medication i have to take before i got to sleep to help me breathe while i sleep" "well that is good" he said kissing me again. A doctor then comes in the door "how long am i here for" Niall asked "well for a week but if you still are not good enough by then then longer" he said "okay thanks" Niall said and the doctor smiled and left the room. my phone buzzed and i looked and i got a message from Liam i opened it and it said "we are leaving Nando's now coming to see are little leprechaun see you soon" and it text him back saying "okay see you soon and did you get pier pier chicken"  "yes i did" and then i shut my phone off.


   After about 10 minutes the boys come rushing through the door. "NIALL" they all cheer as they run over and give him a hug "do you want so food" Zayn said as he handed the Nandos over to him "there are six bags in there we all have are names on them" and i can see Niall's face lighten up when he finds he bag. he is the first to eat and then we all find are bags and we sit down and talk for a while until we get tired and they leave and we got to bed.


~~week later~~

  Niall's P.O.V.

  I am felling a lot better i can walk and talk and breathe a lot better and i can go home today but they said i have to be very careful for a while. I have medications i have to take and cream i have to put on. Right now me and Bell are packing are things up and waiting for the boys to come and bring us home. It is September 1 so 12 more days until my birthday yeah. Then the boys come running in "LETS GO HOME" i yell to Bell and we run to the car out side and pile in and drive home. We pull up outside the house and i jump out take Bells hand and pull her inside. I get inside and i run around and the first place i go is to the kitchen and grab some food. "Niall and your food" Lou's said as he and the boys walk into the room and Bell to and we all sit around and talk to each other and hang out. I love these guys so much.

~~my birthday~~

   It is my birthday and my parents are here i am eating breakfast when everyone joins me. ''happy birthday" Bell said to me as she came over and gave me a kiss. "thanks babe" i said when we pull away, and then everyone else said happy birthday. We opened presents and ate cake it was a good birthday.


  I was up in my room and i see Bell make her way in "hey babe" i said "hey" she said and she sat next to me on the bed "are you tired" i ask "yeah a little" she said and i picked her up and brought her over and laid her down i walked over to my dresser and took off my shirt and i looed down and there where marks all over my chest and stomach as i looked at them "i am so sorry Niall" bell said "there is nothing to be sorry for" "well look that is what 'My' dad did to you" "it is fine i said as i put my cream on and rapped it. I then took off my pants and grabbed a shirt of mine and walked over to Bell. i took off her shit and slowly unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid them off and put my shirt over her head and covered her body as i climbed in beside her and we drifted off to sleep. 





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