Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


11. Chapter 11

  Bellas P.O.V.
 After supper i headed up stairs to bed. I through on a pair of PJ bottoms and one of Niall shirts. I brushed my teeth and i was off to bed. 
  I was sitting in the park and Niall just ran to get me some ice cream "well well well i found you" i heard a voice say from behind and i looked back and it was my father "what do you want stay away from me" i said getting up to run to Niall "so i see that that's the boy who saved you, well I guess I'm going to have to hurt both of you" He said and walked closer to me "no you stay away from me and him" "dont tell me what to do young lady" he snaped and grabbed my wrist and through me into his car and locked it "now for the other one" 
  "No Niall" i yell and start to cry. 
~~end of dream~~
   "Are you ok love" Niall said hugging me "no you need to get as far away from me as possible" i said crying i can barely breathe now "Bella breathe" he said as everything started to get dark and then i was sourounded with darkness. 
     Niall's P.O.V.
"No Bell" i yell and then everyone burst n the door and i pick up her and run outside to the car and the other boys are behind me and pile into the car. "What the hell happened mate " Harry said i didnt answer.

I pulled up to the hospital and pulled Bell and ran into the hospital "help me she is not breathing" i said to the lady behind the desk and she jumped up and picked up the phone "ge her now" and then she put it down and three doctors came running down the hall "what happened" one of them said "she woke u screaming me stuff and then she stoped breathing help her please" i said and they took her and ran into a room.
    Me and the boys all had to wait in the waitig room and it was the hardess thing to do. "I will ne okay mate she will ne okay" Liam said and a small smile came to my face as i start to cry a little.  45 minutes later a nurse comes up "anyone her for Bella Carter" she said and we all stood. "Amd you must be Niall" she said coming to me "how is she" i ask "she should be fine" she said "can i see her" i ask "yes you can" she said as she lead me into a room.
     "Here you go" she said as she opened the door and closed it after me. I can see Bell laying on the bed and i walk over and sit in the chair next to the bed. "Niall is that you" she said "yes it is" i said and she smiled i got up and slide into bed next to her. Afeter a while i got up because it was to small of a bed and i laid i the bed next to her and fell asleep.
    I was sleeping for at lease 30 minutes and someone walked into the room and woke us up. "Okay I called your dad so he will be here soon okay i will be back to check on you later" she said and left the room. "NO" Bell cried nd i got up and walked to her "he ks not going to get you okay" and at that time the door opened and ther stood a man i got up "you leave her a lone" i said "you tell me what to do, and it is not just her i want it is you to" and then Bella screamed "NO LEAVE HIM ALONE" and five people ran into the room the boys and El and he ran away saying "you will get more later", and i fell to me knees "NIALL" they yell and ran obpver to me and there was blood every where "i cant breathe help me" i try to say and then i dont remember anything also.
    Liam's P.O.V.
  We are all siting in the waiting room and it has been at lease two hours now and the i hear someone yell 'NO' and then like five minutes after yelling 'LEAVE HIM ALONE' me and the boys jump up and run to the room because we no it is Bell we open the door and there is a man standing next to Niall. Nialls face is frozen like he saw a ghost and then the man backs away and runs and yells back  "you will be getting more later" and then Niall falls on his knees "NIALL" we all yell and run over to him "i can't breathe help me" is the last thing he said until he past out. There was blood every where "Harry go see if Bella is okay" i yell because bella is crying," Lous go get some doctors" "and zayn go get some towels he is bleeding so much we need to try to stop it" i say and they all do as i say. Zayn comes bac with two towels, i lift up Nialls shirt and in the middal of his stomach there is a bug beep cut all the way down is stomack and then there is a big hole on his left part of his stomach. "Oh my god" i say as i lift up his shirt more and there is a big hole around where is lungs and heart are. "GET SOME DOCTORS NOW" i yell as i put the towels on him. Right them four doctors come in and a lady after them. They pick him up lightly and take of his shirt and his pants were he is only in his boxers and then through onj a goun over him and cover his whole body eith is and then take off his boxers. I oick up all the cloths and put it on the chair as they wheel him out. The other lady sits in the other chair and all of us boys sit in the other chairs and listen.
   "Okay i need all of your help to tell me what happened" she said and Bella starts to talk very slowly and shaky "well me and Niall 
were just laying here trying to sleep and a women walks in and wakes us up to tell us that she contacted my father and then she left. I started screaming NO and Niall tryed to calm me down but in the mead time the door opens and there stands my father with a smirk on his face. Niall gets up and walks over closer to him and starts to talk saying "you leave her a lone" and my father came closer "you dont tell me what to do and it is not just her i want it is you to" so then i yell leave him alone and that is when that is went the boys run in and i start to cry and the next thing i know Harry was over trying to make me stop crying and there is a whole bunch of yelling and then four other people plus you come in and pick up Niall and set him on the bed and take of his short and pants and through on a goun and then take of his boxer and roll him away and that is all i have to say" and then i hug Harry. "Okay now from you r point of view" she said looking at us and i start first "okay so me El and the boys were waiting out in the waiting room and we heard someone scream NO and then after a little while we hear screaming again saying LEAVE HIM ALONE so we jumped up and ran to the room. We opened the door and there was a man standing next to him Niall looks like he saw a ghost, and then the man backed away and ran and he yell back you will be getting more later and then Niall drops t his knees and all i see is blood and Bella is crying so i tell Harry to go calm her down and i tell Zayn to get some twoels for the blood and then Lou to get some doctors. Zayn brings over some towels and i lift uo Nialls shirt and he had a deep slice in the middal of his stomach and them a big hole on the left side and it was full of blood, and then i lifted it up more and there next to his heart and lungs and i started to yell and then four doctors plus you run in and take Niall out of my hands and strip him and out him in a goun and roll him out and that is when you started to talk to us." I said and everyone is crying "will he b- be okay" Bella said "i don't  know" she said as she got up and walk out the door and i followed her. "Please can you go and check on him and make sure he will be okay because he means so much to us and all most the whole world and we need him." I said and she nodded and walked into his room.
     Bella's P.O.V.

  All the boys stayed in the room and slept in the chairs. I just want to see Niall, this is all my fault. I want to cry but i cant i get up on my feet and i can barely balance myself as i wobble to the door and step out and close it. I start to cry and i fall on the ground crying, and then the woman from last time helped me up and sat me in a chair. "Are you okay" she said "i want to see Niall" "it is 12 at night" "i want to see Niall" i cry "okay h is not up but i can try to sneak you in there" she said "hank you. Said as she helped me up an into his rom and then left so m and him can be alone. I wobble over to the seat next to him, there is blood ever where even in his hair he has no shirt on so you can see the holes and scars. I pick up his hand and then start to talk to him "thank you for saying my life, i love you so much" but nothing am from him his hands are cold "NIALL WAKE UP PLEASE" i yell shaking him and hen someone ran in the room and stopped me and sat me back down. "What is wrong with him" "well this boy is very lucky because when that man stabbed and sliced him he sliced his whole stomach and then stabbed his left part of his stomach but then i think he was trying to stab him in the stomach or lungs but he just barely missed them so he needs a little sticking" he said "well why is he not awake" "well because he lost a lot of blood so he- he has a very good chance of dieing, but right now he is in a coma" he said "well how long will he be in a coma for" i ask with tears coming to my eyes "we don't know for sure but everything will be okay" he said "do you think i could move in bed in here so we can be together" i asked "of course we can do it right away because you need your sleep"he said as he helped me on my feet and helped me to my room.


   We got into the room and turned on the lights and all the boys woke up "what the hell" Harry said "you guys can come to" the doctor said "where" Liam asked "can i tell them" i asked and the doctor nodded yes "okay so Niall well he is in a coma right now, we don't know how long but there could be a good chance that he could die counting on the amount of blood he has lost" i said and tears spring to my eyes. "so you guys are going to be moving into his room" the doctor said as he got me back on the bed and started to move me out. We all got settled in and drifted off to sleep.


~~three weeks later~~

  It has been three weeks already and Niall still hasn't woken up i am able to leave no but i stay here night and morning with Niall not leaving his side. the boys come in and visit almost every day and Niall's parents are coming to day to see him. just then the door opens and the boys walk in El had to leave for a will to work but will be back in two more weeks, everyone has been sad and i have been getting things in the mail and so has Niall from fans they are so nice. "hows it going" Liam said as he came and sat next to me "it could be better" i said "i know but you got to give it time" he said and gave me a hug "yeah, i know" "so i got some food for you" Harry said and i start to cry. "whats wrong" Lou asked "i bet Niall would be eating right know if he was here" i said crying it was a moment of silence like no one knew what to say.

   After about an hour the boys left and Niall's parents came into the door and sat with me. they all looked sad as i just kept my eyes on Niall holding his hand waiting for him to wake up. "hows he been" his mother asked "well all he has been doing is just laying here" i said and a tear comes out of my eye "it is okay" she said "know it is not because this is all my fault" i said "oh is this your fault" she asked "if i never have ran into him that night he would of never meat me and he would of never stood up for me and got hurt and then he would of never brought me down here and then again stand up for me and get hurt again" i said crying again "and he is going to come again" i said and cried "who is going to come again" "the man that hurt him and me" i said and that was the last word we just sat next to Niall and cried.

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