Life gets better

A 17 year old girl named Bella lived with her father, her mother died when she was 15. Her father abused her but she had no family to go to. One day she got away and was saved my a blonde Irish boy named Niall he was from a boy band One Direction. Will they get together, will she find someone else, will her father find her, there are so many questions but the only way you are going to answer them is to read for your self.


10. Chapter 10

  He picked me up and started to run to the house it was now about 3:00 at night. "Hey what about the food" i asked laughing "don't worry about it" he said as he ran through the fence and up the hard into the house. The boys weren't in the house they must of went out to eat but what ever. He carried me in the house and laid me one the bed and climbed up on me.
    He started to kiss me hard and with tongue. Then he took off my shirt and through it on the floor as i did the same with his and then we started to kiss again. After awhile he took off my shorts and panties and i took off his pants and boxers and through them on the ground as well. I was just in my bra, and he was in nothing. "No need for this" he said as he took off my bra and through it on the ground and started to kiss me again. "Bell- i- love- you" he said and kissed me in between each word. "I love you to" i said out of breath. "Are you sure you are ready" he asked me and i just nod my head yes. He then thrust himself into me and i grind against him. He starts to groan and i do to in pleaser. I start to close and i think he can tell because he released. I am out of breath, i am breathing very hard and so is he as he flops down beside me. "That was" he started to say but i cut him off by saying "great" and lay my head down on his chest and fall asleep.
     The next morning i woke up and there is Niall looking at me with his big blue eyes "good morning beautiful" he said"good morning handsome" i said back and we both smiled. "I am going to take a shower"i said a i get up and i remember i am naked and i walk to the bathroom i can tell Niall is staring at me so i turn around in the doorway "if you want you can join me" i said a i wink at him and turn to walk into the bathroom and i can hear someone running to the bathroom. A pair of arms wrap around me. "Hello there" i said as i bent down to start the water. "Nice ass" he said as he slapped me bum. "You watch it or else" "or else what" he said with a smirk "or else you are not going to be welcome in this bathroom when i am in here" i said and smirked back "ok i will stop" he said and i started to giggle "okay get in the shower" he said as picked me up and carried me into the shower and set me down on the chair in the shower. Oh did i tell you that this shower/tub is very big. I was just sitting there and looking at Niall's you no what, "hey my eyes are up here" and i blush and giggle. He comes closer to me and stands me up and started to kiss me and i kissed back. We pulled away and he helped me wash my hair and then rub soap ALL over my body witch felt so nice.
     After we got out and changed we walked downstairs into the kitchen and to my surprise there was a cake and a whole bunch of presents and all the boys and El. "So sense we didn't have time to celebrant your birthday because you where doing god knows what yesterday we are going to do it day" Liam said as they all ran over to me and gave me a group hug. "Okay now presents" Lou said "wait let me go get ming" Niall said as he ran up stairs "Niall you already gave my enough" i said when he came back with like six presents. "Just be quite and lets open some presents" Niall said "me first" Lou said as he brought me two presents. I opened up the first one and it was a pair of floats "haha Lou very funny" and everyone laughed. I opened up the second one and it was a bag i looked in the bag and there was a  movie it was grease "i love this movie" i said "i know and so does Niall so you two can watch it together" "how did you know i liked the movie grease" "i over heard you talking to your self" "okay and Niall this is your favorite movie to" i said and turned to him "yes" he said "we need to watch it some time." I said "of course" he said with a smile on his face. "Okay me next" Liam said as he gave me two presents. One was a blanket that had a picture of one direction on it "i love this" i said and he smiled "you should sleep with it" Harry said "no it is ok" i said and laughed i then open the other one and it was a blow up tub for the pool. "You guys are never going to stop" "nope they said and laughed. And then Zayn gave me two presents. One was a coffee mug that said #1 on it "thank you Zayn" "of course" he said and then i opened up the second on and it was two tickets for swimming lessons "you two Zayn, but why is there two" "well because, uh" zayn said "he doesn't know how to swim either" Lou said "oh so me and you can go together" i said "yeah" "well thank you Zayn" "your welcome" "okay now ming" El said as she brought me two presents. The first one was a bag to keep all my important stuff in when i leave the house,and the other was some cute ear rings "thank you El," "any time" "okay my turn" Harry shouts "okay" and ten he gives me two presents, i open up the first one and it is a picture of me, El, and the boys altogether "thanks Harry" and then i take the other present it s a bag and i look in it and it is a box of condoms. "Harry" i said and i look up to him and he is laughing and he comes closer to me and whispers in my ears you mite need these i hear you last night" he said and laughed and continued  but he said it louder so everyone can hear "well you mite not need these but you mite want to give them to Niall he is the one that needs them" he said and started laughing again and i slap him everyone is staring at us "what the hell is it" Niall said "nothing" i said "you guys are scaring me" Liam said "why not show Niall Bella, he should now" "because" i sad "because what" Niall said "what is it" he continued "nothing that you need" i said. "What you don't need them he is the one that needs to mmmmmm" Harry started to say until i cover his mouth with my hands but I forgot that i dropped the bag and Niall grabbed it and looked in it and looked back up at Harry "Harry i am going to kill you" Niall said and ran and tackled Harry and i grabbed the bag and ran up stairs ad put it under the bed and ran back down to see that Niall was chasing Harry so i stopped them "sorry mate you should be more quite at night" Harry said and started laughing again and Niall walked up and punched him in the balls "okay now it is time to open my presents" Niall said as Harry was on the ground in pain. We walked back into the kitchen and everyone was starting at us "what was it" El said "nothing you need to no" Niall said and looked at me and then handed me six presents. I opened one and it was a neck-alas that had N+B on it and inside there was a picture of me and him together "thank you Niall i said and he put it on me "your welcome" and then i opened another one and it was a scrap book that had pictures of me and Niall and me and the boys but mostly me and Niall "there are still a lot more pages that are blank that you can put other pictures in" Niall said and i said thank you to him and opened another present and it was a I Phone "wait open the next one too" Niall said and i did so and it was a case that said Niall + Bell = Together Forever "oh my god thank you Niall" "no problem" "this the best case ever" i said and i grab the next present and open it and it is a it is a shirt that one direction on it and has my last one the back of it 'Carter' "oh my god this is awesome" "wait that is not it open the next" Niall said and i opened the next on and it was a staff pass "it is a staff pass or and back stage pass, that you have to put around your neck so you can watch are concerts and go every where with us" he said and i jump up and give him a hug "thank you" i said "your welcome" and then i let go and everyone comes in and gives me a hug and then starts singing "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Bella happy birthday to you" and then El brought over a cake with 18 candles on it and i blow it out. "Happy birthday" someone said from behind and then all the boys yelled "uncle Si" it was simon cowl "thank you" "what are you doing here" Liam asked "i need to talk to you boys in private" he said "okay but can we eat cake first" Niall said "of course Niall you need your food" and everyone laughed. 


     After cake the boys and simon left to go talk outside so me and El watched some TV to wait until they come back.


    Niall's P.O.V.

  "So boys i just came to check if you were okay" "yeah we are doing good, but what does this have to do with anything private" Liam said "well Bella i don't know about her" "what are you talking about" I said a little angry. "Well look what she already has done to you" "she has done nothing wrong and i am done this conversation" i said and opened the door and walked inside he followed me in still talking "Niall think about it, you meat her her father beat you up and you got hurt, what is going to happen next you don't know about this girl she" i cut him off "I don't need you telling me that i shouldn't be with her" i said now looking straight at him "Niall" "don't Niall me Bell is a nice girl and i love her okay so now i am done talking to you" i said and i turned to go and there was Bell in the doorway crying and then she turned around and ran to the room and slammed the door shut. The boys walked in "we all love her and she is like family to us now" Liam said and everyone agreed "i am sorry boys i didn't know she meant that much to you guys" he said "we i am going to go check on her so bye" i said as i started to walk to the room. I knocked on the door and there was no answer "Bell i am coming in" i said and walk it and she as laying on her belly crying into the pillow. I walked up and sat on the bed beside her "Bell he did not mean that" i said "Niall he meant it he said it straight to your face" she said "well don't worry because the boys and i love you and we don't think he is right he doesn't know what he is missing, so don't listen to him okay" i said "okay"she said and hugged me "i love you and i will always love you forever and always, we are together forever" i said "together forever" she said back and i kissed her. We sat there for a while until i started to get hungry "are you hungry because i am" i said "Niall you are always hungry" "yeah i know, but are you hungry" i said "yeah a little" she said and we got up and walked down stairs. Simon was already gone, we walked into the kitchen to see Harry and Lou cooking "Lou stop" Harry said because Lou was messing around "out of my kitchen" Harry said to Lou and he backed up and sat down. "Hey bell how are you doing" Lou said "i am doung good" "well i just want you to know that we all love you" Liam said "well that you Liam" she said and she had a big smile on her face and she sat down on one of the stools.

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