The New house

A short story about a girl called Dell moving into her new house.


1. The New house

With my woolen hat firmly on my head, i enter the house for the first time.


"It's beautiful!" My dad says in his baritone voice, as my Mom and sister ooh and ah in the background.


 I'm unimpressed. The house is tall, victorian and foreign looking. Upon first glance, i hate it's cloudy stained glass windows, and it's unnecessary number of doors. 


"I can't wait to see my room!" My little sister bubbles, tripping over her own feet on the way up the stairs. My parents run off to the kitchen to look over pots and pans. I am left in the hallway.


With a small amount of exploring, the house is a sum of hallways and small rooms, but mostly hallways. It's a large house, but all of the ceilings are so low it appears like it could come crashing down.


I find the room deemed "Mine" eventually. I sit on my musty bed for a long time, although it's stripped of it's sheets and unusually stained. I do have bags to carry in, little things to transform this house into a home. But i don't want it to be a home.


My cousin and I lived right next door, before i moved here.We were best of friends, even when we were hating each other. 


I poke around the room, kicking away memories. There are several tall windows and several wooden doors. One door leads to a closet, hardly anything interesting.

Another door leads out into the hall, where my parents continue to ooh and ah. 


"Dell!" They call to me. "Come look at this fire place i found." 


Personally, i have no attraction to fire places, so i do not respond. I put my fingers on the final door, this one made of dark mahagony. It doesn't open with a turn of it's silver knob, so i push my hip against it. That also, does nothing.


I poke through drawers although there are just two, and find a dust covered penny and a dead mouse. Completely unhelpful.


"Dell!" My little sister calls gleefully. "Come look at my room! It's so big."


Again, i find no reason to reply.


At last, i spy silver. A key made of intricate designs, swirling vines and glistening swirls. I take it from underneath my bed and rotate it in my hands. Of course, i'm over to the mysterious door in an instant, attempting to fit the key into it's corroded keyhole. 


I'm hopeless at keys, so it takes my long enough to think that it doesn't fit. Meanwhile;


"Dell! Come look at this cool doll i found."


"Dell! You could put your desk here!"






At last, the key goes in, and with enough brute force i am able to open the door. What i see makes me freeze.


It's a corpse, unmistakably. It has been here for a while because it doesn't smell. It's made of skin and bones, muscles and sinews, and long grey hair.


"Dell!" My mom calls.


"Hey mom!" A smile, innapropriate for the situation, spreads on my face. Why, a perfect, valid reason not to move here- especially with my extremely superstisious mother.


"Hey mom!" I shout again, and i hear her feet climb the stairs.






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