We're Not Like You (One Direction Vampire)

This fanfic has some sexual scenes so I advise you to be 13 and up, thanks! And when you read each chapter, please comment. There's no description for this fanfic (as you can see).


1. Chapter One


 Louis' P.O.V

My friends and I come from a long line of vampires, but I can't remember how long they've been around, I've been around for six hundred years. I was the first turned in my group. My friends are Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn. Harry is three hundred years old, Niall is four hundred years old, Liam is five hundred years old and Zayn is five hunred and twenty years old. We all drink human blood but we are very careful when we bite into their neck, if we don't be careful we'll end up killing them. Niall is the only one who is obsessed with blood and he'll kill them if he drinks a lot. The rest of us don't like to kill people but human blood is the only way we'll be able to live. We need human blood to survive.

  "Louis, when are we going to go feed?" Niall asked.
  "Whoa, Niall. You're not going to go feed with us because you can't handle yourself around blood, so you're going to stay here." I replied.
  "But-" I cut Niall off.
  "No buts, you're staying here, no questions asked, got it?" I asked.
Niall showed his fangs and hissed. I showed my fangs and hissed at him too.
  "Fine," Niall hissed.
I sent Niall up to his room and I heard the door slam closed. Liam, Zayn, Harry and I used vampire speed and went into the city of England.
We got there and we saw four girls walked down the street. They were actually really beautiful, too bad they'll be dying tonight. We corned the girls in a corner and I pushed a brown headed girl with blue/gray eyes against the wall. I smirked and started to kiss and lick her neck. She started to moan. I don't want to kill her, she's too beautiful, I want her to be mine. I pulled away from her neck and bit into my wrist. I put my wrist to her mouth.
  "Drink," I ordered.
She nodded and wrapped her lips around the bleeding bite on my arm. She drank my blood and I knew then that we'll be bonded for forever. If a human drinks vampire blood, the blood gets in their system and if they die with the vampire blood in them, they become a vampire. If I kill this girl now then she'll be a vampire and we'll be together. Once she stopped drinking, I pulled my wrist away, it started to heal pretty fast. 
  "Now, don't scream and this won't be too bad," I said. I ran my thumb across her cheek and she shivered. I smiled and placed a soft kiss upon her forehead. 
I softly kissed and licked her neck again and sank my fangs into her neck, she screamed and I calmed her down. Once I was done, she fell to the ground, I picked her up and carried her to our house. I noticed Liam was carrying a girl with light brown hair and green eyes, he must have turned her. Harry was carrying a blonde headed girl with blue eyes, Zayn was carrying a black headed girl with dark green eyes. We got to the house and we each took the girl to our rooms. I laid the girl down on my bed and kissed her forehead, I hope she wakes up and is a vampire. I want her to be mine.

 Hayley's P.O.V

I woke up in someone's bed, who's bed? Importantly, where am I? I got up off the bed and went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw that my skin was pale, my eyes were red, and my brown hair was the same as it usually is. What am I? I heard movement in the room and I walked out of the bathroom and ran into someone. I looked up and I was face to face with a boy with brown hair and blue eyes, he was pretty hot. 
  "Hello, love. How are you this morning?" he asked.
  "Fine. Who are you anyway?" I asked.
He held out his hand and said, "I'm Louis Tomlinson, and you are?"
I took his hand and shook it, it was surprisingly cold, "Nice to meet you, Louis. My name is Hayley,"
  "Beautiful," Louis replied.
  "Why am I here?" I asked.
  "You'll soon find out. I have to tell you something," Louis replied.
  "What?" I asked.
  "I turned you into a...vampire," Louis replied.
  "What? Vampires aren't even real," I said.
  "So you thought, my love," Louis replied.
  "What are you talking about?" I asked.
   "Forget it, but all I'm saying is that you're a vampire now. See you later, love." Louis said before he left out the door. What the hell is going on here? I laid down on the bed and I felt my eyes close and I fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke to the sound of yelling, I walked out the door and followed the yelling. It lead me to one of the boys' rooms. I put my head against the wall and listened to the conversation, or the yelling.
  "No, Liam, you can not fall for that human, she won't live forever and she'll die, just kill her already, damn it!" Niall yelled.
Who are they talking about? There are more humans here and not just me? I leaned back on the door and listened again.
  "But I love Tabby, Niall," Liam replied.
So her name was Tabby? I wonder where she's at? Maybe she's in Liam's room, they must be in Niall's room? Why doesn't he have a human in his room?
  "I don't give a fuck, Liam! I want all these humans out of here, now or I won't hesitate to kill every last one of them. Kill Tabby or I will." Niall threatened.
Oh my god. Niall's so...evil. How did he get like this? I thought Niall was the sweetest one? Guess I was wrong, Niall is a bastard.

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