Give Me Love

I'm no ordinary girl.My life is hell.My prince charming will come for me one day.But i dont know when that day is.But its coming very soon.I can feel it


4. The Boys

"its Monday."cried Sinead "i dread these days"

"who doesn't?"i asked.But today all the girls got dressed up to meet One direction.They wore only tights and tight belly shirts.Except Marina,Sinead,and me.Of course. 

During first period they made us go into the auditorium.I sat in the first row.Then Mariah and Karen came in.They were wearing shirts that you could place in the bra category and shorts practically underwear.Mr.Sanders,our principal,started by saying the usual then the exciting part came.

"Students these next 5 months one direction will be helping us.Let's please give them a Ben high school big welcome to ....ONE DIRECTION!!!!!"the auditorium went wild.



As the principal introduced us, I was wondering what would happen these next five months.Then the curtains open and i see  hundreds of girls about to die from tight clothes but two girls in front were almost naked.Then there was three girls also in front that had regular clothes.But the one that caught my attention was the girl that was very pale ,black thick curls,and dark eyes.

"harry"louis said

"earth to harry"

But i just kepting looking at her.There was something different about her.


Frankie's POV

Harry Styles is staring at me.I thought Did i look ugly or Why is he staring at me?.

"he's staring at you"Marina said.

"i know"

"sooo you going after him?"

"what?!?!NO! Did you not hear Mariah?"

"Yes i did.But only dumb asses would listen to her"

Marina was right.Only a dumb ass would isten to Mariah.

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