Give Me Love

I'm no ordinary girl.My life is hell.My prince charming will come for me one day.But i dont know when that day is.But its coming very soon.I can feel it


1. pointless

I'm the nerd who sits in the back of the class(literally)who fell in love with the most popular guy in the world who you may know as Harry Styles.Yeah I know what you're going to say.So shut up.Okay?I just try to be cool.But home is a fucking prison.I'm like an inmate whose damn life doesn't get attention even by her own parents.My brother who technically should be on my side treats like a dying dog.


I've only got two friends at school,Marina and Sinead. Right now I'm in language arts.It sucks ass.Ms.Anderson just cant be friendly.Nolan just finished talking to me.At  first he was a real bitch to me now he's all nice.I dont get people.And Nate started being nice too.Karen shoved me and all of my supplies fell with me.Nate helped me up and then he picked up my supplies.I felt  really confident that i said"thanks" in a really bitch sarcasm.I dont know what to do.Walk away?I guess i like it when people are nice to me so much that I dont express it really well.


Marina is sitting right beside me. She doesn't like it when i get treated like crap.But thats what i am.People use me as their personal scapegoat.I cant just run away though.When i leave for college ,Im changing my name and going through plastic surgery.Fuck everything.Im not going to come back here.I'll leave,become a lawyer and a fashion designer and maybe i won't be able to date (im not even going to think about marrying)harry styles.I'll meet him.That's all I want.And if it comes true I'll be happy but I won't be seduced by dark brown curls and those dreamy green emerald eyes.I'm not going to be a girl who gets taken advantage of and stood up and humiliated.I've had too MUCH of it in my years.


And though i hate everything social sciences(i know .im a nerd),music,dancing,singing,imagining,and One Direction help me get through everything.

                             "Frankie Evans,are you even paying attention?At all?"Ms.Anderson scolded.

                               "Yes i am"I said.

                              "okay Frankie then tell me whats third person omniscent?"


                                "That's not an answer.You have got yourself detention."Ugh.Detention.

                                "We're going to be detention buddies."Marina exclaimed.

                                 "well what about Sinead?"i asked

                                 "Oh we'll get her detention"then i saw her phone.Sinead always had her phone at top volume.She is going to be pissed.



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