Give Me Love

I'm no ordinary girl.My life is hell.My prince charming will come for me one day.But i dont know when that day is.But its coming very soon.I can feel it


3. Hell on Earth

when I got home, the first thing i always notice is my drunk father.

"hey get me another beer"he yelled.I got him one."this is the wrong one you bitch"he scolded.Then the slap i always look forward to met my cheek.It burned.Then the shopping addict who im forced to call mom came out looking like a slut.

"Roger I'll be back in three hours."

"okay Linda"

There i was left to cook for three imbeciles and a nerd.

soon Travis comes out.

"hey you little nerdy asshole.Come here"

"what do you want?"

"i know your secret"

"i dont have any"

"are you planning on telling MY mom and dad who's going  to your  school?"

"why would i?"

"cuz i know you're probably planning on getting what you call pretty and act like a slut"

"no i'm not.Now leave me alone"i left that room.I cant stand him.Always saying im a whore.So i did my homework while listening to music on the iphone 4s i bought myself for my birthday.Since i was 17 i had to live like all started on my twelfth birthday and two days before that.

*****flashback #1*****

"daddy!!!"i yelled

"what my beautiful princess?"

"my birthday is almost here and i've been thinking about presents"

"okay we'll talk about that after the doctor's appointment,Frankie"

*****end of flashback #1*****

He was sooo nice.Everything changed after that doctor's appointment

*****flashback #2*****

"daddy its my birthday!!"

"shut the fuck up,Frankie.goddamn"he cursed.He never did especially in front of me.

"but dad i wanted NLT tickets for my special said i could get anything"

"i give you everything and you still want everything you self-conceited bitch"he slapped me.But what really hurt was the words he used.

"now go to your room"

i cried for days

*****end of flashback #2*****

I still feel those words.



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