Give Me Love

I'm no ordinary girl.My life is hell.My prince charming will come for me one day.But i dont know when that day is.But its coming very soon.I can feel it


2. Detention

 "Detention"Sinead said in a pissed tone as i thought.

  " Yeah so?"We stepped inside everything so quiet.

"with a minute to spare, girls"said Mrs.Thompson.We walked fast to our seats.All of the sudden the principal makes an announcement.

"students and teachers,I have an important notice to tell you about.The famous boyband One Direction is going to help us out with our students.So boys and girls the band will be here next week .You will need to be on best behavior.That's all"  

Mrs.Thompson left the room.As soon as that happened Karen and Mariah stood up and say "Okay girls well Frankie you don't count cuz you're lesbian but other girls listen up.Harry is Karen's guy and Niall is mine.And if i see you talking to them I'll beat the shit out of you!Clear?"Every girl nodded.

During the rest of the day everybody kept saying the news.But i was in shock.I walked home,my personal hell on earth.

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