Dirty Women

What do you do, when feeling horny? Write a bloody song about hookers, why not?


1. Dirty Women

Dirty Women

Verse 1:
The night is young - I'm searching all over the streets
Can't take too long - I have a need to breed

I need a lady, to occupy the other half of the bed
I need to find her, so I can give her a place to rest her head

Verse 2:
Turnin' round the corner - I see the neon signs
Hope she's not a runner - 'Cause I paid many dimes

She wears leather from her toes to her head
She walks like a devil, and her hair is bright red

I grab her horns, and the ride begins
They sting like thorns, Like the ones christ wore, when he died for our sins
The earth's shaking, and I knock the lamp off the drawer
She's all for the taking, she just keeps coming for more

Verse 3:
I fall asleep - With her just beside me
The money she can keep, She leaves in glee

I wake up in the morning feeling so smashed
My hotel room, so quiet and still so trashed

Damn dirty women, waking my lust
Filthy women, they make me go bust
I can't controll it, Can't get rid
Of the dirty women, all over the streets
A new night arises and I feel ready again
This time, I'm bringing a friend

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