Skateboarding Sister


2. Looks Like A Sister

I flipped my hair because it was in my face, "Damn hair it won't keep out of my face!" I yelled in frustration. "Nah, Don't bother, I find it pretty." He smiled to me, "You know, you look like a person who could be my sister." I smiled, "Really?" Andy replied, "Yes! You do! Hmm.. Will you consider being my sister?" I gasped, "Me? Well.. Sure! I will!" He smiled to me again, "Great. Want to come to our tour bus? To meet the others?" I laughed, "Sure." Andy responded, "They are probably messing around or being crazy. Like usual."



Ok, so, guys, a BVB Fan Fiction :D It's only ONE person Point Of View, her name is Emily, but they eventually start calling her Ninja. So, first chapter is just a preview ;) comment, Fave, Like, and Fan if you want more. Also, my twitter is @Pebble_Prey and my number is.. 540-223-5850 :) If you like BVB, feel free to text me <3 Bye for now fellow BVBArmy Members.

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