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2. new boys

The very next day the same happened to me in the morning. i got dressed, brushed my teeth, grabbed my phone and walked out of the door. "Hey Ellie" said jack "ahhhhh" i screamed (what he scared me) "whats up with you and why did you have to make me jump and why were you waiting outside of my house".  we started walking to school. "oh umm im alright i suppose i didnt meant to make you jump and im waiting outside your house because i just am okay ?." replied jack.I said to him "really whats wrong your not your usual self jack you can tell me anything im your best friend right?." i said to him and he said "well if you really want to know then its because me and ashley broke up because i dont fancy her anymore and i made her cry and i just feel really bad ellie". i did feel a bit sorry for ashley but she isnt my best friend exactly so why should i ? i didnt want to show it though because it would make jack upset and he'd want to take her back. Anyway i said to jack " you were too good for her anyway and umm err if you dont mind me asking who do u fancy now?." (what i got curious) jack said "umm nobody" with a huge smile on his face which gave it all away. "oh my god jack your smiling like mad you obviously like someone ?" before jack had time to reply mollie ran up to us and gave us both a huge hug (nearly stopped me from breathing but it was nice to feel wanted again). 

when we got to school me and mollie saw miss and sir walking along with four new boys. (wow they were totally fiitttt) me and mollie looked at eachother and screamed really loud in our faces. jack was like well...... this is what its like to have to have to girl best friends! Me and mol just stood staring at them mollie whispered "i am so glad we're single right?" i said to her back "RIGHT!" We smiled and went to form after saying goodbye to jack and he went off with kyle and jay. Jay was my ex by the way but we were still great friends. 

when we got to form there was four new boys and i said to mollie "dibs on the tall one haahaa" and she replied " oh hes not really my type with the black hair and cute lips haahaa i call dibs on......" before mollie had time to say who she got interupted my miss who said this is liam payne tell us who you are and a bit about you . mollie said " dibs on him look at his sexyy haiirrr" we giggled and then got shouted at for it. the other boys got introduced and they were called Zayn malik (the fittest one) liam payne, niall horan and harry styles. They were all really nice but niall and zayn werent single. I was so dissapointed!!!! Zayn and harry sat next to me and niall and liam sat at the other side of the room with the sluts. mollie was disappionted!!!! I said hello to zayn and harry and zayn said "hey whats your name then and i like your hair" i replied "oh thanks , and its ellie " zayn said thats a nice name im zayn can you errmm show me around today if its not too much to ask?" i replied with a massive smile racing from one end of my mouth to the other "yeah sure" by this time mollie was talking to harry she was being really flirty haahaa.


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