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1. It was a normal day.

Hi, im Ellie Childs and this story is to tell everyone out there that dreams will come true if you try hard enough. This story is featuring my best friend mollie walker whos totally amazeballs!!!

Anyway back to my story one normal boring day on a monday, my alarm went off late, put my top on backwards, my tights were inside out and the label on my skirt stuck out like a glowstick in a dark room. Im not at my best in the morning as you can tell. I was walking to school to meet mollie on the way and i got a text from my friend jack saying 'aparently theres gonna be five new boys ,four in high school and one in sixth form and theyre gonna be FIT! maybe you and mol could umm get with them lol xxxxxx' i texted him back saying 'jack you never know lol xxxxx'! Anyway i was half way to school i went to the shop to get some chewing gum for me and mollie in school (it does get that boring) and  bought some blue sour lollipops too. When i saw mollie i gave her a welcoming hug and told her about the 'fit' lads that were coming to breeham high school. She'd heard of them too. We talked about them for a while and then put out p.e kits in our lockers ready for p.e later. When we came out of the locker block me and mollie met up with jack gave out the blue sour lollipops put them in ou mouths and then took a picture. It looked so funny because you could hardly see my eyes and i think i burnt my toungue. (yes it was that sour)


When we went to lessons me and mollie sat down as normal and started to chat about those new boys. After the lesson we had another and then it was break. We met jack and went to the canteen to sit down. Jacks girlfriend ashley and her two best friends janey and emma  (the sluts) came over to say hello to jack.The sluts hate me and mollie soo much because we always use to flirt with their past boyfriends just to annoy them. After break we had more lessons and then lunch which was so boring and then after more lessons and a detention we all went home and jack and mollie came round to do some homework which we didnt finish. So i had some tea and went to bed with a glass of orange juice and a sore head.


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