Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


14. XIII

I woke up around 11, my phone had numerous texts. Today was my birthday! Sofie had work so until tonight I was on my own. I noticed a hand written letter hanging from the letter box. I pulled it out and smiled seeing my name. I knew it was from Louis, his hand writing was easy to recognise. I tore it open and went and sat in the living room, ignoring the cards and presents Sofie had laid out for me.

Heyy Nuke!

Happy birthday! I’m so sorry I’m not there with you. Don’t really know what to say. But I’m missing you loads, really wish you were here. I’d be making sure today was your day. We could do anything you wanted. And when I’m home that’s exactly what we’ll do. I just hope you have an amazing day! Can’t believe there’s a chance you could be mine soon. I know you haven’t given me an answer and I’m not asking you to, I just want you to know what you mean to me. I love your laugh, your smile, your eyes. Your dimples, the cute noises you make when you’re sleeping, how you’re so settled with your looks. Your personality shines like the sun, you love all the things I do. How you get so competitive sometimes. Most of all though I admire your strength... you have been through so much shit in your life and every single thing that’s ever been thrown at you, you’ve somehow managed to come through fighting. I just want you to have some good y’know? Believe me Nat, I’d treat you like a princess because that’s all you deserve. I love you so much. I just need one chance to prove how great we could be together.

                   Love ya loads!

                             Your Louboo xxx

I wiped away the stray tear falling down my cheek. I knew for sure that I wanted to be with Louis. I was a fool in the beginning, running away like I did. I wanted to pick up my phone there and then and telling him. But I had to do something good, something big. I told myself to remember to ring Niall later. He’d could help me set something up... Now time to open the rest of my cards and presents! 

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