Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


13. XII

I was finally starting to feel like I was normal again. The bruises were fading and I was able to walk without wincing with pain. Louis was still texting me pretty much every hour and making sure I wasn’t going back to the house we shared. He was adamant I wasn’t to be alone in that house. He wanted to know in himself that I was safe and that meant being with someone. I couldn’t grumble at the support Kasey and Sofie had given me, but sometimes it kinda felt like I was putting on them. I didn’t tell them that, nor did I tell Louis. I’d put them through enough already.

My phone vibrating startled me and I smiled seeing Niall’s name. “Hey Nialler.” I answered cheerily.

“Hey Nuke! How you feeling?”

“Better... like loads thanks. How about you?”

“I’m good. Got a break so thought I’d see how my sis is doing.”

“Awww I’m your sis huh?” I replied laughing.

“Yep. No doubt in my mind about that!”

“Well you know you and the boys bar Louis are my bros!”

“I know. Speaking of Louis, you thought anymore about the two of you?”

“I have been thinking... like a lot. And well I do think we’d be good together. But Niall keep it to yourself, I need to put the whole Jack episode behind me first.”

“I promise, I’ll keep quiet.”

“Thank you, besides I might need your help to tell him.”

“I’ll be at your service when you need me. I’d best go now though Nuke. Speak to you soon. Bye!”

“Bye Nialler!” I smiled to myself, popping my phone next to me. It was nice to hear off of him, hadn’t really spoken to anyone bar Louis and the girls since that night.

It was still haunting me, every little bang would wake me up or I’d have nightmares and wake up sweating. It was horrible and sometimes it did me good to realise I was somewhere he couldn’t reach me. I busied myself, sometimes having no sleep because the images were just too much. It was hard but I knew given time I’d overcome all of the fears I have and be able to live normally. I just had to concentrate on the future and the people that matter.

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