Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


12. XI

Trying to sleep that night was like trying to get blood out of a stone. My mind was frantic with worry, wondering how much pain Nat was in, if she was truly okay and hoping she hadn’t just said it to try and stop me from worrying so much. I still didn’t really understand why she went back, why she didn’t stay here so we could be together. Well tell a lie, I did know why, guess I just didn’t wanna believe that her level way of thinking was standing in the way.

She’d always been like that. Every decision that’d impact her life, even in the slightest way, she had to think through to the very last detail. She needs to convince herself that in the long run it’ll benefit her. It’s frustrating, always has been, but I know eventually she’ll come to the conclusion that me and her as a couple is way more than just a good thing.

Nat had asked me not to tell the guys which was hard especially since they were all my best friends and Niall was exceptionally close to Nat so all in all it was really difficult. I soldiered through though, keeping my gleaming smile and cheeky attitude in place. I kept in touch with her throughout the day, every reply I got reassured me even more. She was gonna be okay and I doubt that monster will do anything to break her down.


I was very happy to be hearing I could go home. I hated hospitals. I was still really sore but the pain was slowly subsiding. Sofie had kindly picked me up and not much was really said on the journey to her house. My protests about letting me go back to mine fell on deaf ears. Louis had gotten to them first and told them I shouldn’t be alone.

“Thanks Sof.” I said with a smile as she showed me to my room.

“Anytime.” She answered. We said our good night’s and I disappeared. I was doing my best to walk through the pain in my ribs but it was just no good. And as I laid down it was immediately relieved. I text Louis, my eyes feeling heavy. The meds I have are ridiculously strong and make me drowsy so I tend to just sleep. Just like I’m about to.


A/N: Sorry it's so short, having a little writer's block at the moment.

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