Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


6. VI

“Oh no you didn’t Nuke!” I said laughing as yet again she beat me on fifa. I unleashed the tickle monster on her, ignoring her pleas to stop, she wriggled underneath me trying to break free.

“Lou pleaseeeee stop!” And I did, just briefly, both of us a little breathless. “Thank you.” She said with a smile. For a moment I was towering above her, smiling slightly and looking deep into her eyes. They were so easy to get lost in. I did well to not move my lips towards her.

“You know I can’t say no to you.” I said laughing, adjusting my position so I was just sat next to her. She sat up sighing, brushing herself off slightly.

“I think it’s safe to say no more fifa.” She said laughing, I nodded in agreement. “Movie?” She asked.

“Sureee, what you fancy watching?”

“Hmmm ‘The Ugly Truth’?” Her eyes were practically pleading with me, it was one of her fave movies and a rom-com.

“I guess so... but only because it’s you asking me.” I replied sticking my tongue out slightly.

“Yayyy!” She wrapped her arms around me tightly before popping the disc into the player.

I got myself comfy, resting both my arms on the back of the sofa. The smile on Nat’s face was priceless, she truly did love this movie and I think I’ve watched it with her a good 15 times. I know it just about as well as she does.

“Lou?” She asked, looking at me.

“What’s up?”

“Mind if I use you as a pillow?” She asked biting her lip.

I laughed. “Of course I don’t silly, make yourself comfy.” I adjusted my position slightly so I wouldn’t have to move. Taking a deep breath as she laid her head on my chest, her arm wrapped around my torso. God this felt amazing, I wrapped one of my arms around her, just holding her close. Would this be how it feels when or should I say if we get together?

The plan I’d decided to go for was coming along nicely, I knew what song I was going to dedicate to her, I just didn’t know how I was going to go about it, the only part I’d figured out was bringing her onto the stage. The rest was still in progress. Still felt really nervous about it all though, had no idea if she’d make me the happiest man on earth or break my heart into a million pieces. There was only one way I was going to find out...

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