Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


5. V

I’d met the girls for coffee, I smiled hearing them chat about how amazing Liam and Harry were. Got me wondering even more about Louis. He’d been my rock the past few months, hell he’d been that in all the time we’d known each other. I had really gone into myself and even now I wasn’t really the girl I was before the whole Jack episode. The girls and guys had all been super amazing, making sure I was smiling even if sometimes it was forced.

“Are you looking forward to the tour Nat?” Kasey asked.

“Yeah, I mean, I think I need a break y’know?” I replied.

“Louis obviously thinks so too, he spent hours trying to convince management.” Sof added.

“He did?” I asked, shocked.

They both nodded. “Yeah, I think part of him didn’t wanna imagine you on your own for the next eight months.” Sof said with a smile.

I smiled back. “Wow, I actually had no idea. I mean I know he cares and everything... guess I didn’t really know how much.”

“It’s hard to ever really know how much someone cares Nat, he’s known you a long time, of course he’s gonna care and think a lot of you.” Kasey said soothingly.

I nodded, my mind going into overload. We carried on chatting, but from that moment, my head really wasn’t in it. Everything Louis had ever done really started to click into place. All the times he stayed up with me all night when I was upset, how he’d get us doing something random to help me forget all the shit, how he managed to make me smile even if I felt like crap. All that was way more than what was expected of a best friend, did he like me?!

I picked my phone out of my pocket, Louis was at home getting packed so I knew his phone would be close by. Hey louboo! How’s the packing going? Total soppy moment here lol... I know I say it a lot but thank you for everything, you are truly my rock, I’d be a total wreck otherwise. Looking forward to the next 8 months, bring on the memories aye? Xxx I popped my phone away and got back into the convo with the girls, they asked me (jokingly) to keep an eye on Liam and Harry. I laughed and agreed.

I’d be spending time with all of them, especially in between venues on the bus. I’d be sticking by Louis the most and Niall maybe too, Niall was like a little brother to me. I was looking forward to it, even if I was going to be the only girl, it’d take my mind off of all the bad stuff and that’s all that matters.

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