Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


4. IV

It had been a few months since the whole Jack thing and thankfully he hadn’t reappeared. Nat had been a shadow of her former self for a while, but was slowly coming out of her shell. We’d just embarked on a world tour and with the blessing of the university and my management, she was coming with us. I figured a break would do her good and she’d seemed really happy when I’d told her.

“So Lou you gonna tell Nat?” Zayn asked.

“Tell her what?”

“Erm... how you feel you dumbass?”

“Probably not, she’s still not herself.”

“So, you love her don’t you?” Liam said appearing in the door way.

“What kinda question is that? You know I do!”

“Then the next eight months give you the perfect opportunity to do something.”

I sighed. Harry and Niall appeared next, so I knew they’d have their input too. “It’s gotta be special, I can’t just sit down with her somewhere and say ‘I love you’... that sucks!” They all looked at me blankly.

“I love her, and I need to make sure she knows I mean it, she’s had nothing but shit guys. I’ve done my best to protect her and I’ve always been there for her. If all I do is say ‘I love you’ when were sat in some random place, she’ll think I mean it as a friend.”

“It’s gotta be something big then huh?” Niall asked.

“Well yeah...”

“Why don’t you bring her on stage one night? Dedicate a song to her or something?” Harry suggested.

That wasn’t a bad idea, we’re performing like 80 shows, I only have to pick one. It’d give me plenty of time to plan, the guys obviously wanna help. “That Harry, is not a bad idea.” I paused, double checking it’s definitely what I wanna do. “And I think I’m gonna do it. Will you guys help?”

They all nodded, coming over and hugging me, telling me how great it was that I was finally gonna do it. I still didn’t know how Nat felt about me, but I couldn’t go on anymore not knowing what might happen once I’ve told her how I feel. Part of me believes she feels the same, but I just don’t know. All I know is for the next eight months, she’s gonna be with me every day. Can only mean we’ll get closer. I’ll make sure she’s okay and I’ll protect her from everything bad that may come her way. All I can do is cross my fingers, and hope in her heart she has some sort of love for me.

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