Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


3. III

“I just don’t know what to do Haz...” I sighed, my head in my hands. I had witnessed Jack wriggling his way back into Nat’s life today, she was literally putty in his hands. I was frustrated, not only because the woman I love was with someone but she was him of all people, the man who thinks its okay to punch her.

“You just need to be there for her, I know its hard Lou but what else is there to do?” I knew he was right, I just had this horrible feeling that next time Jack was annoyed for whatever reason it’d be more than a black eye.

“You’re right, I’m just scared for her y’know?!”

“We all are, she’s been through a lot.” I smiled at him, they were all so protective of her, none as much as me though. I was so happy that they all got along, they were all so important to me and I loved all the times we hung out as a group, the memories always happened, no matter what we were doing.

Harry disappeared to go make some food, my mind wandered to Nat, wondering if she was okay. I hadn’t heard anything since she went off with him, she’d contact me when she was ready right?!


I cowered in the corner at Jack’s place, the rage in his eyes was frightening, I didn’t dare say anything or even move. He’d already punched me in the face, pushed me hard against the wall, staying silent would probably stop anything more from happening. All I wanted to do was run, go to Louis where I’d know I’d be safe. I was trapped... no one knew where I was.

He charged towards me gripping my cheeks with one hand tightly. “Just so you know, you are never leaving.” All I could do was nod. He laughed and stormed off, I heard the door slam and knew this was the only chance I’d have. I pulled my phone out, clicking on Louis’ number, typing as fast as I could. Praying he would get it. I needed his help, and I needed it now.


Chatting with the guys whilst we had a break, my felt my phone go off. My heart beat quickened as I hoped it was Nat. The message I read made a lump form in my throat, my instincts were right. “Lou is it Nat?” Zayn asked. All I could manage to do was nod.

“What’s wrong?” Liam asked concerned.

“I need to go...” I whispered. Standing up and looking for my jacket and keys.

Harry grabbed me and held me still. “What did she say?”

“Four words... help 75 Parkway Avenue.” That arsehole is hurting her again, like I knew he would. I have to go protect her.” None of them tried to stop me, they knew nothing would. I didn’t expect any of them to come with me either. I didn’t even know what this guy was like when he was angry, he could pummel me, but I didn’t care. If it meant Nat would be safe, it was all that matters.

I knew where this place was, I’d even looked at a place down here. Stopping at number 75, I took a deep breath. This was it.


Hearing a knock, I gulped. Who was that? Had Louis got my message? I still didn’t dare move, Jack glared at me as he went to answer the door. I did my best to listen to what was being said but because he’d shut the door I had no idea. I heard some banging and it sounded like punches, oh god I hope Louis wasn’t getting hurt. I wanted to go check but in fear of Jack, I was frozen to the spot.

I saw the door opening and a bloody Louis appeared. “Nukey, thank god you’re okay!” I didn’t say anything, I just sprang up and ran into his arms. He held me tightly. “We need to go, before he wakes up. I’ve called the police.”

“Look at you, I’m so sorry.”

“Sshhhh I don’t care, you’re safe that’s all that matters.” He kissed my forehead and we left, he took me straight home. I helped patch him up, he was really sore. We both were. Neither of us really knew what to say, it had been a hell of a day and I was cursing myself for being so stupid. It had gotten me badly hurt and Louis, he’d saved me again. He was like a guardian angel. I was truly lucky to have him.

I leaned over kissing him lightly on the cheek. “Thank you.” He smiled his cheeky smile and everything bad just melted away, why can’t I tell him how I feel?

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