Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


2. II

I laid awake for ages that night, cursing Jack for what he did to Nat. Looking endlessly at the hundreds of pictures I had of us both, every single one we were smiling. I could see why people presumed we were an item, on the face of it, it looks that way to the camera. Arms wrapped around each other, heads leaned in close, touching. Running all this through my head, made my heart twinge, it was there... proof of how great we’d be together. I just wish she’d see that.

I knew I was a fool to myself, putting myself through all this every time we had nights like this. I have tried to get over Nat, believe me I have but it’s impossible, the second I look into her deep blue eyes, I’m hooked. She has well and truly stolen my heart. I woke up around 10, my eyes heavy from lack of sleep, it was near on three when I drifted off. I pulled myself outta bed and went downstairs, the flat was silent so I presumed Nat was still asleep. I wasn’t going to wake her.

I had some time off from the studio so I was planning a day at home, my phone vibrated and I saw it was Niall, asking if they could all come over. I didn’t hesitate in agreeing, it’d be good to have the guys over. Liam and Harry would bring their girlfriends Sofie and Kasey too, so at least Nat wouldn’t be the only girl, not that she’d mind if she was, she can be one of the guys as much as one of the girls.

“Morning Louboo.” Nat’s voice filled my ears, her nickname for me making me smile.

“Heyy Nukey! How you feeling?” I replied looking at her.

“I’m okay, no thanks to you... again.” She said, sitting opposite me. I poured her a cup of coffee. “Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without you...”

“Oh stop silly, it’s what friends are for.”

She smiled. “I know but I put on you sooo much...” I placed my hand on top of hers, ignoring the pulses it sent through me.

“I don’t mind Nuke, I’ll always be there for you no matter what.” We locked eyes and got lost in each other briefly, my phone vibrating brought us both back to reality. “The guys and girls are coming over in a bit, were gonna watch some movies if you’re up for it?” I asked, placing my cup in the sink.

“Sounds good, I need to go freshen up though and try and make this eye less distracting.” She said with a laugh, finishing her coffee and getting up. I smiled and nodded my head, I wanted to scream that she didn’t need to cover it up, how I still thought she was beautiful... but I didn’t.


Stepping into the warm shower, I couldn’t really get what had happened just now out of my mind, did we have a moment?! It could have just been me, I mean we’ve had that conversation so many times, but this time it felt different and I’m really not sure why... I shrugged it off and got myself lost in getting sorted. I picked out an old tracksuit, placed my hair in a pony tail and used foundation to try and cover the rainbow coloured bruise around my eye. Wincing every time I touched it but it did look a lot better. Hearing voices I smiled to myself, everyone seemed to be here.

I appeared downstairs and all the boys cheered, giving me hugs, the girls doing the same. I went to help Louis with refreshments, both of us laughing and joking at the sounds coming from the room. “What movie we watching then peeps?” I asked with a smile.

“Ermmmmmmmm...” Was Niall’s response.

“I vote for Mission Impossible.” Harry piped up. Everyone mumbled and nodded. I laughed and grabbed the blu-ray, popping it in and taking a seat on Louis’ lap, it was the only place left and it was a sort of tradition when we had everyone over. His knee was comfy and it meant we snuggled up close, and its innocent... to us anyway. To everyone else it probably seemed a whole lot more.

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