Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


1. I

On my way home from the studio I was pretty tired. I wasn’t sure if my roommate and best friend Nat was gonna be home, although I’d be really happy if she was. We’d been inseparable since about the age of six, and even now at 21 we were just as close. She was training to become a teacher and obviously I had the band. Even miles apart we still spoke every day and since my first audition on The X Factor, she’d been by my side the whole time. Before you ask... no were not an item, but I do wish we were...

I’ve always thought she was beautiful, and when I arrived at her house to take her to prom five years ago, seeing her in a gorgeous navy blue dress, her hair and make-up done just for that night, I was blown away. I knew at that moment I loved her. Nothing happened that night, nothings ever happened. I never seem to be able to pluck up the courage just to tell her outright how I feel. Instead I play the amazing part of being her shoulder to cry on every time some dickhead decides to treat her like crap... which is a lot!

The guys all call me daft for not trying to snap her up, and I keep telling them it’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just scared. If I pour my heart out to her, spilling everything I feel and she doesn’t feel the same, it’d be the end of us, our amazing rock solid friendship. I’d rather be her friend than nothing at all.

“Nattie you home?” I shouted as I entered the flat we shared.

“In here Lou!” A reply came from the living room. I smiled to myself... she was home!

“You alri...” I started as I went to see her, stopping when I saw the massive purple shiner she had. “Nat what the hell happened?” I asked, sitting by her on the couch and wrapping my arms around her tightly.

“Jack...he hit me.”

“Why?” I asked softly, trying to contain my anger.

“I don’t know.” Her sobs filled the silent room and I held her tighter, rocking her back and forth. My own heart breaking, seeing her in this mess, my fists wanting to go punch some sense into Jack, how could he do this to her? How could anyone hurt her? It’s beyond me.

In the 15 years we’ve been friends, we’d never once had a fight or a falling out and if it ever turned into more, I doubt very much it’d change. It was times like this I ached to have the balls just to blurt it out, make her realise she should be with me. I’d be the one to adore her, she’d not had many boyfriends but all of them had hurt her in some way. It’s mostly been cheating but this, this was something else, he’d physically hurt her...

I ran my hands through her hair, her sobs slowly subsiding. She pulled away from my embrace, looking up at me, wiping her tear stained cheeks. “I’m sorry Lou, you don’t need to hear my problems.”

“Don’t be daft, wouldn’t be your best friend if I didn’t care now would I?” I said smiling, hoping it made her smile back.

“I guess not.” She replied laughing slightly.

“How about you go grab a blanket and I’ll grab the ice cream. We’ll stick some rom-coms on and just forget all the shit.”

“Sounds like a plan, thanks Lou.”

“Anytime Nat.” We both got up and went to get what we needed. I was happy she’d gotten a smile on her face, that prick wants to fuck off. I just hope Nat realises he needs to as well.


Saying good night to Louis, I shut my bedroom door and collapsed on my bed. He’d been such a gem tonight, proper took my mind off of what had happened. I don’t know why Jack had hit me, it came as such a shock. I wasn’t planning on going back to him, I deserved better and there’s plenty more fish in the sea right? Getting myself comfy, I laid on my side, wincing with pain as I touched the tender skin around my black eye. My eyes fixed on the picture I had next to my bed. It was of me and Louis at his 18th birthday bash, huge smiles plastered on our faces, beer bottles in hand. I lost count of how many times that night we both had to correct people when they assumed we were a couple.

Not gonna lie, it had crossed my mind loads of times but I always pushed the feelings away, telling myself he would never look at me that way. He’d said so many times I was like his sister, that to me isn’t a dating signal. I have spent countless nights imagining what it would be like to be his arms, just because he wants to hold me, and not for a hug. How it’d feel to kiss him, just to look into his amazing blue eyes and tell him I love him. I wished he was in the room next door thinking exactly the same but obviously about me.

I throw myself towards the bad guys, wanting to forget my feelings, although being treat the way I am just makes them a whole lot worse. I can’t tell him, even if I wanted to. I don’t wanna lose him, he’s too precious. Guys like him are hard to find nowadays and if all I can be is his friend then so be it, it’s better than nothing. Least I’ll still get to make memories with him.

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