Save You Tonight

Best friends with Louis Tomlinson but we both want more... will we get it or not?!


16. Epilogue

2 years later...

I took a deep breath as our one year old twins finally dropped off. I was home alone as Louis had a TV interview. They were absolute terrors sometimes but I loved them to bits. I was worried when we’d found out I was pregnant, scared it was too soon and it only got worse when I found out it was twins. When I told Louis, his reaction was almost perfect. All the fears went away from there and proved to me even more that Louis was the one for me.

Starting to get dinner ready, I decided to watch the interview on TV, it was always interesting to see what was asked. Interviewers could be so nosey sometimes, it was laughable.

Welcome guys! How are you all?

Ni: “We’re good thanks.”

Good to hear. Gonna start with Louis. How’s the twins? And your beautiful girlfriend?

Lo: “They are all awesome thank you! Alex is your typical boy, mucking around in anything he can find and Josie is busy having tea parties and such. And as for Nat, well she’s just as perfect as she’s ever been.

Awww you’re family sound so perfect! So Liam...

The rest of the interview sorta went by in a blur. I was doing homemade chicken korma for me and Louis and fish fingers, peas and mash for the twins. It should all be ready for when he gets back and for the kids waking up. I knew I was blushing, always did when I got mentioned in interviews the guys did. Louis was always so gushy and made me so proud. Sofie, Liam’s fiancé often told me she wished sometimes he was like Louis in the sense of how open he is about them. She wouldn’t change him though, she knew Liam was a private kinda guy.


Saying buy to the guys, I just wanted to get back home. I hated being away from my perfect little family. The past two years had been amazing. Every time I looked at her I loved her more and I thought that wasn’t even possible. Then we made our gorgeous children, Alex and Josie, I laugh when I think of how scared Nat was about telling me. It was huge, no doubt, but we were already strong enough to get through anything. Alex was a double of me and Josie a double of her Mum. Both of them had the trademark Tomlinson smirk though and the sea blue eyes we both have.

“I’m home!” I shouted as I entered our house.

“Just in time Louboo!” Nat shouted back from the dining room.

I made my way to the dining room and smiled seeing the three people I love sat around the table about to eat dinner. “Daddyyyyyy!” Alex shouted. Josie clapped happily seeing me.

“Heyyy you two!” I said smiling, kissing them both on the forehead. “Hey babe.” I added, kissing Nat lightly on the lips.

I tucked into the food Nat had prepared, it tasted absolutely amazing! She was a perfect home maker. She’d re-decorated the house, with my help, made sure the kids’ rooms were fitting for a boy and girl. Our house looked like a home and she said that’s what mattered the most.

“Nat I’ve been thinking...” I began.

“About what?” She answered with a smile.

“Well I sorta don’t think our family is quite right yet.” Her expression changed. “You don’t have the same surname as we do.”

“Louis what are you saying?”

“This may not be the most conventional way to do it but...” I reached into my jeans and pulled out a red velvet box. Opening it, I pushed it across the table, Nat’s eyes widened. “Marry me?”

“Mummy say yes!” Josie squealed.

“Yes I’ll marry you!” The kids cheered and I stood up, taking the ring and placing it on her finger.

Kissing her passionately, I whispered “I love you!” into her ear.

She wiped away the happy tears falling down her cheeks. “I love you too!”

We finished our dinner and I felt brilliant knowing sometime in the future I’d make Nat my wife. Bring on the memories.

The End


A/N: Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

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