Never Giving Up On You Baby *a Louis Tomilson fanfic *

Louis and Bella are in Love <3. But eventually some problems happen and they both start to question their relationship. And they stop questioning when something completely unexpected happens. Will they stay together? Will they accept what happened? Will it be the same between them?



 " bella come here please " i hear louis call    " WAIT A MINUTE BABE !! " i scream from our room       " HURRY UP IS IMPORTANT !! " louis yells back  " ugg " i whispert to myself, i went downstairs and grab a bottle of  water " yes what happen " i ask as i sit beside him " what is this !? " he ask  me showing me a picture of me holding hands with my ex "  louis this picture is fake i was with you that day remember !! " i say  he examinate the picture and raise a eyebrown " babe im sorry im just so tired about this rumors " he says as he sights  " i know babe do you think that maybe is we delete our twitter account the hate and rumors will end ? " i ask looking at him   " i dont know babe " he said as he stand up and hold out his hand so i can grave it , he helps me up and give a huge hug " babe please dont listen to  them its not true i will never cheat on you with that dick ' i said to him kissing him soft in the lips " i know babe im sorry ''  " its okay babe i undersatnd " i say , he kiss me hungrily taking the things hit up he slowly make his way to our room with me on top of him ........... you know what happen. " i love you bella " louis saids " i love you too babe " i say he hug me tight ' forever " i ask " forever and always " he says .

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