Finding Anna

Anna Matthewson practically lives at the library. It's her safe haven, her calm place. But what happens when one normal day, one book on a shelf exposes her to a whole world she never imagined could have existed? And what happens when she meets a boy that is much more dangerous than he seems? Follow Anna in her journey through the land that lies just under the stairs.


1. They're Coming.

Most children have to fear the monsters under their bed.

Or the boogie-man that gives you bad dreams.


I'm here to tell you that there are things much worse in this world, or rather, the world preparing itself to overrun ours.

I didn't want to accept them, nearly as much as they refused to allow me into their folds. However, now I am with them, and this is my only way of communication.

Get the rest of the world ready.


They're coming.

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