Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


6. Why did you do this?


Alex's p.o.v

As we left my room we tiptoed down the stairs (not wanting to wake Mike up again), crept past the rest of the boys in the living room and went outside. As Zayn opened the door I could feel the cold wind air whipping my ankles maybe I should've worn socks. This was typical English weather for you.


'Zayn where are we going' I moaned about thirty minutes later.

Zayn had dragged me down endless streets until we'd got to the north side of London there were loads of council flats and gangs lurking in doorways this all brought back to many memories.

'We’re almost there' he whispered grabbing my hand 'it's just round the corner’

After we turned at least another twenty corners we arrived at the highway. Zayn stopped and sighed wistfully. I stared at him wondering what on earth was so exciting it was just the usual cold dark sight which you see under ever highway. As we walked into it my feet started feeling wet and damp, my legs ached from walking, my head ached, my ears ached and my hair was a massive tangle.

'That's what I wanted to show you' he whispered walking up to one of the walls and pointing to the graphite.

I blinked hard the sun had just come out making me see red mists in front of my eyes. I leaned forward and looked at the graphite; all of them were usual things like:

Larry was here and Love you babe and sucks to be you Kev but out of the corner of my eye I saw something which I recognized it was written in blue permanent marker and I recognized the handwriting. Zayn tapped his fingers on it so I read it.

'Zayn and Alex together 4ever' I read out loud stroking the words.

That’s when it all came back to me how could I have not recognized this place it was the highway we used to live under it was what we called home we lived, ate and slept here and I just forget about it.

'Sorry if this brings back to many memories' he said putting his arm on my shoulder,

'No I can't believe I forget about this' I whispered sadly.

'Oy who's in our territory' screamed a voice making me jump.

'Oh god, quick hide' hissed Zayn.

We ran to the other side of the highway and hid behind a massive pile of crates which were stacked in the corner. I tried to look over the crates desperate to see but instead I found a hole in one of the crates which was perfect for spying on.

'James over here' called a boy walking in he was at least 7 foot with a body like steel and legs which were as big as machine guns.


'What is it mate'? Called another boy (who I assumed was James).

'Oh my god how dare he' whispered Zayn.

'How dare he what' I said forgetting to whisper.

'Shut up' he hissed as James turned our way.

'Somebody was in here' he continued 'I hear them talking and I have a feeling it was that black haired boy you know the one who left to go on x factor and become famous in that boy band what was the name left direction'?

'Actually Simon its One Direction' piped up another boy rushing in.

He was smaller than James and Simon and he didn't look tough as the others in fact he didn't look tough at all, he must have been the brains of the group.

'Yeah that idiot', 'Thought you could run away from us didn't you' he shouted so loudly that his voice echoed making me shiver.

'Yeah Zayne Payne or 'danger' as your gang name was' cut in James.

He was obviously accepting us to answer but we couldn't. I leaned against the crates my heart pounding this gang definitely wanted revenge on Zayn and what if they caught us they'd kill him.

'Come on lets go he's obviously not here' hissed James grabbing his arm.

'Fine' he replied 'but I'm warning you Zayn Malik if we ever catch you you'll never see the light of day again'.

With that all three of them left leaving us two there alone. I looked over at Zayn his face was milky white and when I reached out to grab his hands he was shaking. As I reached out I noticed something on his wrist it was a tatoo.

'Danger' I read 'you have you're gang name tattoed on you'

'Yeah' he said shivering.

'Hey don't worry they'll never catch you' I said soothingly.

'Really?' he stuttered turning round to look at me.

'Really there’s no way they can catch you when you're always with security is it'?

Little did I know then that the Jets (the gang) would find a way to ruin Zayn's life......................................


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