Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


3. What shall I say?

Zayn’s p.o.v

I couldn't believe it was Alex. Alex stood there nibbling her lip while I just sat there feeling astonished, everything that I so wanted to forget came rushing back into my mind before I could stop it.

'It-it’s really you' I stuttered.

'Yeah like you would care got to go'.

Before I could say anything else she ran through the queue pushing past all the girls, they started shouting but she ignored them.

'Alex wait' I screamed.

I got off my chair pushed past Liam and ran to the crowd of growing fans. A lot of them shoved autograph books in my face but I ignored them I had to find her I couldn't lose my sister again. I looked through the crowd desperate to find her; I peered on tiptoe and just caught a glimpse of long brown messy hair.

'Alex' I screamed. I ran through the crowd, tripped over and landed at her feet.

'Oh my god Zayn's drunk better start writing' hissed some reporter guy to another guy who was holding a notebook and pen.

I was about to protest but I realized there was no point I sounded drunk screaming at the top of my voice to a girl nobody except me knew. They probably thought she was my girlfriend.

'Um hey' I said standing up feeling really self-conscious.

Before I could even look up I felt a large smack on my face. I collapsed to the ground and blacked out.



'Zayn wake up' whispered a voice.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked round the room. I was in a white blank space surrounded by Harry, Liam, Niall, Paul and Alex.

'Oh god I'm so sorry' shouted Alex flinging her arms around my neck.

'What happened I mean um where am I?' I stuttered gently peeling Alex off me.

'Alex will explain' said Liam with that they all left the room except Alex.

She grabbed my arm, pulled me up and leaned me against the purple velvet sofa that I was lying on. I stared at her and her face started to blur everything was blurry. I blinked again and tried to focus on Alex.

'It was me I'm sorry I was feeling really annoyed so I hit you, are you sure you’re ok?' she gabbled.

There were tears in her eyes and that’s when I thought how I had lived the last two years without my sister we've always been together but I wanted to put her out of my head. I reached forward and hugged her, she hugged me back tighter, like she never wanted to let go. That was enough for me I started crying.

'Oy just because I missed you doesn’t mean I'm not angry with you' she snapped pushing me away.

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. 'Look Al I know I can never make up for what I did but at least let me be like a real brother to you. You could come on tour with us it’s the best thing ever plus I can introduce you to the rest of the boys. What do you think'?

I excepted her to say no but sometimes even your sister can surprise you.

'I'd love to let’s start afresh' she replied.

Before I could say anything else the door slammed opened and a man walked in.

'Alex come on we need to go' he said grabbing her hand.

'Yeah in a bit guess what Zayn's going to take me on tour him, were going to start again' she whispered beaming from ear to ear.

The man frowned so much it was a wonder his eyebrows didn't knit together.

'Zayn can I have a word with you for a second'?

I nodded and followed him out of the room, he led me into a back room sat down on a chair and patted the one next to me. I sat down knowing what he was going to say.

'Why did you get here hopes out like that' he hissed.

'Oh not this again' I shouted getting out of my chair and storming round the room.

'You know you two aren't allowed to see each other'.

'Why not?' I screamed 'Look I promise you I've changed I'm not the old guy who left his sister on his own I'm a new guy' I said lowering my voice.

'Look if you can prove that you’re capable and mature them maybe, but were only looking out for Alex'.

'I'll prove it to you; I'll show you I'm capable to look after Alex'.

'You have two weeks to impress me or else she can't go'.

'Deal' I replied shaking his hand.

I walked out of the room holding my head high, this time I wouldn't mess up; I would prove to Mike and social services I can take Alex on tour with me. Just wait and see.

Hey guys hope you like this chapter. So what do you think will happen will Zayn prove he's changed and Alex can come with him or will he crash and burn. Comment below. Also remeber to like and favourite.


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