Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


10. trust Lou

Alex's p.o.v

I woke up the next morning forgetting what had happened. I yawned and tried to turn onto my tummy but I couldn't due to the fact Harry was lying there. Everything came flashing back to me, me crying about my Mum, Zayn getting told off for keeping me up so late and Harry sleeping with me was all real.

I gently moved around Harry got out of bed, grabbed my dressing gown and walked to the kitchen. The room was empty and I couldn't hear anyone noise everybody must have still been asleep.

I grabbed the milk bottle from the fridge and started to poor it.

'Boo' screamed a voice.

I turned around in panic let go of the milk and it exploded on the floor leaving me absolutely drenched.

'That got you didn't it' Louis laughed opened the cupboard.

'Yeah thanks a lot' I muttered sarcastically cleaning up the milk.

'You're welcome' he replied rummaging around in the cupboard.

'What you looking for'? I asked running my hands through my hair which was soaked thanks to Louis’ very unfunny joke.

'Carrots you idiot how weird are you'.

'Carrots how the hell can you call me weird I'm not the one eating carrots for breakfast' I snapped.

'Got them' he said.

He grabbed the large bag of carrots from the cupboard and started eating one of them straight away without even cutting it up.

'Lou you're crazy' I sniffed chucking the destroyed milk carton into the bin.

'I'm not the one who had a little romantic get together last night am I'?

My heart started pounding Louis knew that me and Harry slept together last night what if he told Mike or even worse what if he told Zayn.

'Please don't tell anyone' I begged.

'Who do you think I am'? He mumbled his mouth stuffed full of carrots 'you’re secrets safe with me'.

Before I could reply the door opened and Niall walked in.

'Hey Louis hey Alex um why are you all wet'?

'Ask Louis' I said through gritted teeth giving Louis a death glare.

'Girls' he sighed.

He chucked the empty bag of carrots in the bin then stormed out the room leaving me and Niall alone.

'So what do you want for breakfast'? I asked Niall.

'Sweets' he replied walking over to a large jar of gummy bears.

I watched in disgust as he shoved three sweets into his mouth at the same time, honestly we've got five nutters staying.

'Listen do you want to get Louis back'? He asked

'Course' I said 'but what are we going to do'?

'I've got a plan'....



Half an hour later Niall and I were waiting at the top of the stairs getting ready for pay back. I peered over the landing and saw a black hoodie which looked just like Louis.

'Three, two one go' I shouted.

Niall and I rushed down the stairs pelting Louis with water bombs, rotten eggs and flour. By the time we were done he was absolutely covered.

'Told you we'd get you back' I hissed.

I grabbed him by his shoulders shoved him in the cupboard under the stairs and locked the door.

'Now that was epic' I called high fiving Niall.

'What was'? Said a voice

I turned round to see Louis standing behind us. 'Ok how did you do that'?

'Do what'? Louis replied.

'We just locked you in the cupboard about five seconds ago' said Niall.

'No you didn't'.

'Wait if we never locked you in there then who did we lock in there'?

'Liam' I screamed.

Lima had the same hoodie as Louis we'd pranked Liam for doing absolutely nothing. I got the key and unlocked the door sure enough a very unhappy Liam was in there.

'Do you know how long you left me in there' he hissed.

'About thirty seconds' Niall replied.

'That's not the point what did I ever do to you'?

'Come on Daddy directioner we thought you were Louis can't you forgive us' I begged fluttering my eyelashes.

'First of all never call me Daddy directioner again and second of all I'll get my revenge'.

I laughed and pretended to hit Louis, he might have got away with it this time but who knows what the rest of the day will bring, all I can say is tommo better watch his back.

Hey guys this chapters supposed to be a funny chapter sorry if you were excepting Harry and Zayn to be in it but you guys voted on the last chapter what you wanted to happed, so that will be in the next chapter hopefully.

Love y'a guys and if I can get to about 60 likes then I'll update.

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