Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


12. To bad

Zayn's p.o.v


 Hospitals I hate them, that horrible smell of disinfect when you enter, the pale white walls which make you shiver and those hard orange chairs that are in the waiting room. I remember hunching up of one of those for hours with Alex begging for Mum who was somewhere we weren't allowed to go, dying.


After Harry's accident Mike had called 999 and the boys, myself and Alex went as well. As we drove up to the car park all the boys were giving me death glares I couldn't blame them I deserved it.

‘Sorry it’s not opening time we’re closed till 4: pm’ snapped the man.

‘But we need to see Harry’ Replied Alex desperately.

‘I don’t care’ he sniffed ‘go all of you he’s not aloud visitors, till 4 like I said’.

‘Let me handle this’ said Louis going up to the man.

He grabbed the man by his shoulders and started whispering in his ear. I turned to look at the boys Liam turned his head away and started chatting to Niall while Alex just glared at me. I felt awful this was all my fault maybe I deserve to be beaten up by the jets after all.

‘Do we have deal’? Louis asked the man.

‘Deal all of you may go in’.

We didn’t need to be asked twice we strolled into the reception area. As we walked in a couple of girls in the corner started whispering in excitement, I guess it’s not every day you see one direction at the local hospital.

‘Lou how the hell did you get the man to let us in’ I whispered.

‘Oh I just told him, his kids could have backstage passes to our next concert’ he shrugged.

‘How did you know he had kids’?

‘Lucky guess’

He pretended to laugh but he sounded more like he was crying, I put my hand on his shoulder and gave him a weak smile, instead of smiling back he glared at me and marched over to Niall and Liam, great now everyone hates me. I’d already decided what I have to do tonight would be the night, but first I have to get through this.

‘Um the nurse told me that Harry’s kind of in a coma’ Mike gabbled.

‘But some people never wake up from comas’ Alex cried hugging Liam.

Niall patted her on the shoulder and turned to face me.

‘What’s the matter murderer don’t you have any feelings’ he snapped.

‘That’s it’ I screamed raising my fist to his head.

‘Stop it, both of you, now two people can go in at once Niall and Zayn how about you go’.

Before I could complain, he pushed us down the corridor. I walked down the corridor staring at my feet how could I see Harry it’s my fault he’s in here I seem to have anger issue’s, it just proves what the jets can do to you.

We walked into Harry’s room where he was lying motionless, he looked dead but I could still hear him breathing loud and clear.

‘What exactly did you do Zayn’? Niall asked rushing up to Harry.

‘I kind of pushed him down the stairs’ I mumbled.

I excepted Niall to shout at me or something but what he did was a lot worse.

‘Wish it was you instead and I hope you died that way Alex wouldn’t have such a rotten brother’ he shouted.

‘Thanks’ I said sarcastically feeling offended.

‘Zayn I’m sorry I didn’t mean it’ he whispered hugging me.

‘Yeah you did I deserve it’ I replied.

‘No you don’t in fa-‘.

He was cut off by my phone ringing, I switched it on and checked the caller Id it was Perrie my girlfriend.

‘Hey what’s up’? I asked.

‘I’m leaving you’ she replied.

‘What, but what have I done’?

‘If you love this Alex girl then why didn’t you just tell me, this is a break up if you’re smart you’ll forget I exist’.

Oh god those girls’ we met in the shopping centre must have tweeted about Alex, Perrie didn’t understand.

‘You don’t understand she’s my s-‘

The phone started beeping meaning she’d cut me off. I sighed and put my head in my hands now it was officially the worst day of my life Practically killing my band mate then my girlfriend dumping me because she thinks I’m in love with my sister, how much worse can life get.

Really sorry this chapter is crap I just felt like I should publish something, so sorry about how bad this is please don’t un favourite because of this chapter. So anyway what do you think will happen next please comment and like for more.

Anyway thanks for getting mw to over 50 likes can't believe it, really happy about it thank you so much for reading and no this book isn't over yet don't panic.




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