Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


8. This ain't good

As me and Zayn continued messing around together the sky got darker and it got later and later. I picked up my phone and checked the time, it was nearly 10pm.


'Zayn we have to go back Mike's going to go crazy' I hissed in alarm.


'Honestly you're acting like I'm an mass murderer who's about to slit you're throat,  Al in case you haven't noticed it's not exactly illegal to take somebody out especially when the person happens to be you're sister' he sighed throwing me a can of Pepsi which he'd just bought.


'Yes but' I started.


But he wasn't listening to me he was too busy checking out the late night shopping centre. He walked inside and beckoned for me to follow. I groaned and trudged after him I was exhausted, my hair was a mess and my shoes were rubbing so badly that I could barely move them but I didn't even dare to complain.

'Oh my god it's Zayn Malik' hissed a girl.

Before I even knew what was happening a large group of teenagers girls came running towards us one of them pushed me over onto the hard cold floor, leaving me winded yet she completely ignored me and ran over to Zayn.

I lay there gasping for air I looked over at him he was standing there signing autographs and chatting to the fans not even caring about me. I banged my fist on the floor in frustration he'd dragged me all the way here and yet he dumped met me the first second he got but I was fighting back he'd made a fool out of me for the last time.

I switched on my phone and stared at the screen in amazement 50 missed calls and 60 unread messages. I opened my inbox and started reading them they'll all just about said the same things:

Alex where are you I've called Zayn and he's not answering! Mike

Where are you I'm out of my mind with worry he's in so much trouble. Mike

I hurriedly switched my phone off there was no way I needed to read anymore. I got back to my feet and walked over to the large huddle of girls.

'So Zayn' giggled the one pushing me over, flicking her long blonde hair and fiddling with her long pink finger nails 'how would you feel about getting a girlfriend'.

'Sorry babes but I've already got someone' he walked over and grabbed my hand.

'So what's her name'? Asked another girl looking daggers at me

'Alex Mal oww' he screamed.

I'd just given him a wicked punch on his leg.

'Um I mean Alex um Ma- Ma Malleable yeah Alex Malleable'.

'Well that's a stupid name' she sniffed turning on her heel so quickly it was a wonder they ddin't spark 'come on girls'.

With that her and her friend walked off in a huff.

'Wow some people are so dramatic' I said.

'Totally' he replied 'Wait why are all those people running in here'.

Sure enough the police had run into the building followed by a man who looked just like Mike. I blinked and looked at him harder oh my god it was Mike followed by Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall.

'Alex thank god you’re all right' Mike screamed running over at hugging me not even looking at Zayn.

'Oh for god’s sake why did you need to call the police you're acting like we've been gone for months' muttered Zayn.

'We we're worried about Alex how dare you just run off with her like that without even telling me'.

Zayn raised his hand to Mike's head by Niall snatched it 'Zayn don't do anything stupid'.

'Alex Alex it's all about Alex, why does everybody only care about Alex why does nobody never care about me' there were tears running down his face in frustration.

He looked totally UN like Zayn. I ran up to him and flung my arms around his neck. He started whispering stuff in my ear stuff I couldn't even here due to all the shouting.

'So I guess we have to leave?' whispered Louis sheepishly

'You should but I'm giving you one more chance I warning you if this happens again then your out, understand'?

With that the police guided us out the door to the minivan Mike thanked the police then we all started to climb inside.

'Al' he whispered in my ear.

'Yeah'? I asked

'Let's runaway live life to the full think about I love being in one direction but you mean the most to me plus there will be no more stupid social workers keeping us apart'.

'Look it sound's good but Mike's going to be watching us 24 7'.

'So we leave it for a while we go when the time is right'.

'How do I know when the time is right'?

He leaned forward and looked at me mysteriously let's just say that when you get somebody waking you up at three in the morning  the time will have come'................


Hey guys yes this chapters not the best but I tried. I have great ideas for this book but boring things have to happen first. Anyway if I get about 60 likes I'll update. Thanks guys and Love ya



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