Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


4. thats why

Zayn's p.o.v

'See guy its simple' I said packing up my stuff after the signing.

After Mike's oh so kind conversation with me (I'm being sarcastic) we made a deal that if I moved into the children’s home place for two weeks and proved that I was mature Alex could go on tour with us.

'Wait so you’re saying you have to act mature and 'grown up' for two weeks'? Replied Niall grabbing a selection of crisps from the collection in front of us

'Oh come on guys I can be mature can't I'? I asked turning round to look at them.

But of course they all picked this moment to not stick by me. Harry and Louis seemed to suddenly become interested in a piece of dirt on the floor and Liam and Niall turned their heads away pretending they hadn't heard me.

'Look guys I'm a generally helpful and mature person in fa-'

'There’s a big piggy flying right past you head' sniggered Louis.

'In fact I could get an award for most mature person ever-'

'Oh look the pigs turned very arrogant' giggled Louis.

'Shut up' I screamed throwing a cushion.

He threw one back at me and so did Niall we ended up having a crazy cushion fight which was going great until two of the cushions burst. I picked up one of the cushions gingerly it was bright red with gold bits something told me this wasn't the sort of cushion which you buy on the market store for 2.99.

 'Great I suppose were going to have to buy them new cushions' groaned Harry picking up the other one.

'Plus more food have you seen how much we've eaten?' said Liam.

They all turned to face Niall but for once it wasn't Niall who had eaten most of the food it was me. I grabbed the last handful of crisps and stuffed them in mouth. They turned round and stared at me.

'Ok so I eat when I'm depressed'.

With that we left the room walked outside tried to get through the ever growing crowd of fans that got into the van and collapsed against the seats. I got out my phone and checked my messages.


Hey bro heard ur coming here for two weeks? xx Alex

I smiled to myself feeling thankful that AlexAlex had forgiven me even after everything I'd done to here, she still wanted me and I still wanted her.

Yeah gonna prove to mike how mature I am. Hey just thought of something the rest of the boys should come to how epic would that be see u l8terxxxx your thankful bro Zayn.

yeah would be a good idea u need to ask them? Alex

Kay. Zayn

I switched my phone off and turned to face Harry who was on twitter. I peered forward and saw he was looking at his tweets on twitter they didn't really seem to be from people who like him very much though.

@coolweee334 hate you Hazza ur a loser you should get a life cause you’re a piece of ****

@Jbishot1dsuckt345 Oy what’s the difference between Harry styles and a fat monkey ones and monkey and ones a stupid boy band member. Lol hate you

Harry bent his head I could tell he was upset even if he hates getting bad tweets he still reads them. I reached out my hand and put it on his shoulder he smiled back at me.

'Look you know I'm going to live with Alex for two weeks' I said

'Yeah' he replied staring at me as if I was the biggest weirdo ever.

'Well I kind of told Alex you five were coming to' I gabbled.

'What'? They all shouted simultaneously

'Please guys I need somebody to support me Mike obviously thinks I'm not ready to look after her'.

'Ok' groaned Louis 'but you have to lend me all your hairspray for a month''.

'I don't you use hairspray' I lied running my hands through my hair.

'Duh how else do you keep your hair like that'? He asked as we drove into the hotel carpark.

'It must be natural' said Niall climbing out, of the van.

'Isn't' replied Louis as they both walked to the hotel still arguing about hairspray.

I shook my head and felt a tingle running up my back apart from Alex they were the whole people I had in the world, they might all be crazy but that’s what friends are like.

'Zayn why did you tell me you're an only child when your not'?

I started at Harry trust him to ask the big question.


''Look I've not always made the best choices in life and I haven't always been the best brother that’s why I wanted to forget about Alex and to start again with my life but this was obviously wrong.

With that we walked the rest of the way in silence, it was time to back for the one chance I had of getting my one and only relative back, the time was edging closer every minute.

Hey guys if I can get about 15 likes I’ll update. So what do you think do you like it so far

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