Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


15. Scream


Zayn's p.o.v

 I reached downstairs, grabbed the key from the mantelpiece and left the house. The cold wind wipped round my ankles making me shiver, I was shaking with fear I was crazy doing this.

Everthing was just going wrong at the moment. Some of my cracks could be fixed such as Perrie breaking up with me, I could tell her the truth about Alex being my sister not my girlfriend. However my other cracks couldn't leave me, what I did to Alex leaving her two years ago, I can't change it now I have to get what I deseve.

I crossed the road, to a grotty estate, with large mouldy buildings and rubbish sprewn everywhere.

'Oi you,' yelled a voice.

I gripped the knife in my hand tighter, terrifed it might be Simon. I turned round to see, some boy holding a knife up to my chest.

"What"? I replied.

"Give me  all your money," he yelled grabbing my jacket.

I was ready for this sort of attack though. I punched the boy in the mouth making him stagger backwards, he staggered backwards in shock, but came running up to me.

Just as he was about, to cut my face, I hit him right where it hurst mosts. He leaned over groaning, I turned and ran.

"Peacer out sucker," I yelled reaching the edge of the road.

I ran across the road, towards the highway. I wasn't  really suprised that I was mugged, that sort of stuff always happens in a dump like here. Everyones so poor they need money, or they just mug people for the hell of it.

As I reached the higway, I could feel my legs shaking, I tried to relax and stay calm, if you want to stand up for yourself don't let the other person know your scared.

I held my head high, and walked in. The place was silent, all I could hear was the whistle of the wind, but I knew Simon had to be here.

At that exact moment. a shadown appeared on the floor, I didn't need three guesses to know who it was.

"Well, well", Simon smirked coming up to me.

He was followed by James, his new second in command and Ashley the brains of the group he's crap at fighting,and he doesn't know how to mug soembody but he's clever.

Simon, came so close to me I thought for one seriously worrying moment he was going to kiss me. His green eyes, glared at me, he tapped his feet impatiently like he was waiting for me to do something.

"Zayn malik, the boy who become famous what exactly are you doing here"? James cooed acting like I was 5.

"Um...I just um...." I was lost for words.

Simon pushed James out, the way and gave me a big fake smile. I knew he was playing with me, lesson number 2 if you want to mug or beat someone act nice then attack.

"He obviusly missed us didn't you Zayne," he sniggered putting his arm round my neck and dragging me forwards.

I tried to get away, but his grip was to tight. He led me to a crate in the corner and sat me on it. He beckoned Ashely to bring the rope and he tied my hands behind my back.

I knew there was no point struggling, instead I just leaned backwards as if I was bored with them. They couldbeat me, until I'm balc and blue I don't care.

"Go on what are you waiting for? Hit me, cut me up my arms I don't care," I muttered.

Simon started laughing, at this. I as so confused why didn't he just beat me.

"Zayn we weren't born yesterday, as if beating you is enough," said James pulling the rope around my wrist so tight that he cut the blood circulation to my hand.

I was starting to feel sick if he doesn't beat me, what's he going to do kill me. Oh god I could just imagine hundreds of fans crying round my grave stone, which read here lies the body of a guy who deliberatly got killed, very heroic.

"Were not going to kill you, again way to easy,".

Then what are you going to do, you assholes I wanted to yell, but instead I just stared at James.

"Zayn," Simon smirked putting his arm round my shoulder. "What's the two most important things in your life?

My heart started pounding, Alex and the boys obviously, I didn't say anything though  I just glared.

"because someody told me, that you have a sister. That sister was caught leaving the house with a blond boy just after you left".

Alex was coming after me and she was brought Niall along was she crazy, she knows the area but she couldn't stand up for herself I always protected her.

"We've decided to capture, your sister and that blond dude and, then bring them back here so you can see the joy of me, stabbing them  to death".

"Leave them out of it, kill me" I yelled desperatly, how could I have been so thick he's not going to kill me he's going to kill everyone I love instead.

"Sorry Zayn to late".

He tied a gag round my mouth before beckoning, Ashley and James. As he was about to leave he turned to look at me.

"Oh and Zayn, what a pity you can't yell for help, as you can't speak", he screamed with laughter before running off.

I tried to get my hands free but it was useless. Great job Zayn now your sister and bandmate are going to be killed right in front of you, how could I be so stupid to fall into Simon's trap? He knew I was going to come here, tonight.

Now I know, I'm the worst brother ever. I have to escape, but how?


dun dun DUN scary stuff right, I wasn't going to leave it with harry just being in a coma I made it more dramatic.




thanks guys





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