Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


2. my brother (returns)

Alex's p.ov


Dear Zayn

           It feels like only yesterday we said goodbye but in fact it was two years ago. So much has changed in the last two years you've become a member of the most famous boy bands on the planet, and well I've ended up in care. Every night all I can think about is how my life’s changed, two years ago my name was Alex Malik now my names Alex smith nobody even knows your my brother nobody would believe my anyway. I don't even know why I'm writing this it’s not like I can even send this to you due to fact I don't know where you are. When you’re on tour I can find you on the 1d official website but when you’re not on tour where do you go? Back to our flat? Back to the park we slept at? Or even under the highway that you stole food from? It was wrong to steal but we had no choice it was that or starve. I hope I'll see you again, even if I am annoyed with you.

Love your desperate sister Alex Smith (also known as Malik).

I picked up my letter and held it to my chest; I wished that my letter could come to. I sighed swung my legs off my bed opened my wardrobe and took out a box. I opened the lid and looked inside. In it was everything I had left of Zayn pictures, possessions even his toothbrush. I rummaged around in the box until I got to a large wad of paper. Each sheet of paper was filled with my scrawny handwriting they were all different even though they all started and ended with the same words. Dear Zayn and Love Alex, each of them were randomly letters I wrote but instead of posting them I kept them here away from the rest of the kids.

'Oh my God Alex you'll never guess what' screamed my roommate Charlie running into the room.

'WH-what is it' I stuttered stuffing all my letters back into the box before Charlie saw them.

'One Direction thee hottest boy band on the planet are having a signing here in Bristol tonight’ she squealed dancing around the room in excitement.

'Yeah good luck with convincing Mike to lets us go' I laughed knowing there’s no way our head care worker would let us go.

'Too late he's already agreed were all going for my birthday treat'.

'Um Charlie it’s not your birthday for another six months'.

'Well ask Mike if you don't believe me' she huffed stalking out of the room.

My heart started pounding there was no way I could go to a cd singing and meet my brother and his mates face to face Zayn will spot me in a second. I walked out of the room and down to the office where Mike was on the computer looking stressed and tired.

'Mike I need to talk to you' I snapped walking up to him.


'Look if it’s about your brother I understand why you don't want to go bu-'

'So I don't have to go'? I said breathing out a huge sigh of relief.

'Look Alex we can't leave you here on your own but I promise you he won't recognize you' he replied trying to put his arm around me.

I wriggled away and stormed out of the room before Mike to stop me. It was useless me even trying to fight it I was going to see my brother who on one hand I wanted to hug and never let go put on the other hand I wanted to punch him for leaving me. All the thoughts were spinning in my head if Zayn did recognize me what was going to happen....

Zayn's p.o.v

'Are you guys almost ready for the signing'? Asked Paul peering round the door where we were all getting ready.

'Two secs' called Niall rummaging in a draw he brought out his mobile and ran over to us.

'Hey guys check out what my brother sent me' he called.

Niall's brother had sent him some random picture which I think was supposed to be funny. Niall sent a funny reply back. I sighed and leaned against the back of my chair I wish I had a sibling who didn't rely on me all the time.

Hey Zayn are you an only child'? Asked Harry a few minutes later as the fans started flooding in.

'Um yeah' I lied.

What else what I supposed to say I couldn't tell them that I used to act like a Dad to my younger sister and I definitely couldn't tell them about how I had left her. It would make me seem like the worst brother in the world maybe I am. The next half hour was spent with us chatting to fans and signing cds some of them were calm and some of them went crazy, either way none of them really stood out.

'Hey how are you doing'? I asked the girl next in the line.

I had my head bent and I wasn't really looking at what she looked like or who she was.

'Like you'd care Bro' she hissed.

I put my head up so quickly in alarm that my neck clicked, but I didn't care this girl wasn't just an average fan. I swallowed a lump in my throat and stared at the girl, it was Alex my long lost sister.




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