Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


16. Kidnapped


 Alex's p.o.v

"Are you sure we should be doing this", moaned Niall as I dragged him down the street.

"I need to save my brother," I replied.

We'd be walking, for twenty minutes and I had absouletly not idea where we were.  I didn't tell Niall though because I knew he'd just flap, typical Niall he wouldn't have lasted five minutes were Zayn and I lived.

We, carried on walking for a few more minutes, but for so reason I felt like someone was following us. I could hear footsteps behind me.

As soon, as I tunred round to take a look, a large hand gagged my mouth. I screamed, and turned to look at Niall, he had also been gagged and was being taken away, by some boys.

"Nice job, Simon," he smirked.

Simon? Why did that name sound familiar. Oh fuck, I just realisied he was the guy, from last night  the guy from the gang Zayn was in. Oh god  what was he going to do with us?

We were both chucked in the back of a van before it drove off. I rushed, over to Niall and ripped, the gag of, he looked terrifed.

"What's going on"? he hissed.

"I think, we've just been kidnapped," I replied lowering my voice, so the three boys couldn't hear.

"I know that but who by"?

"Zayn's ex gang members," I sighed.

"Zayn was in a gang!" He gasped in a voice that sounded so much like Mike's I had to check  the words were coming out of his mouth.

The rest of the journey was painful and bumpy. We seemed to be travelling for hours even though it was probably only a few minutes. Eventually just when I was starting to feel really car sick, the van screeched to a halt.

The doors were flung open and me and Niall were dragged out. I reconised this place it was the highway Zayn had taken me to just yesterday it felt like years had flown past since then.

As we were dragged and pulled into the highway. I saw Zayn tied to a chair sorrow in his eyes. At first I felt angry with him for getting us into this mess but I also felt sorry for him life had been complicated for the both of us and all he wanted was me back.

"So Alex," Simon hissed in my ear popping the x "thought you'd save Zayn did you"?

I hated the way he was standing so close to me. His breath stank of beer and is face was prickly, from lack of shaving.

I didn't reply apart from staring into his drunk eyes. The other boy called James started laughing.

"Cat got your tongue girly," he sniggered raising a knife to Niall's throat.

Niall let out a cry of pain, as he lightly pressed the knife into his neck. James  slapped him and pushed him to the floor.

"I'm warning you irish that's the least painful part".

"Leave him alone," I yelled trying to get out of Simons grasp.

"You can shut up to little malik."

They started shrieking with laughter and my new nick name. Even thought it wasn't even funny. I hated this I was terrifed I just wanted to go home, but will Louis, Liam and Mike find us?

Louis p.o.v

I woke up early the next morning. Sunlight was pouring through the windows and the birds were tweeting. I was about to call out to Zayn, but I remebered what had happened last night. I was worried about him, but it was his choice to leave. Even if it was crazy.

I slipped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. First there were five of us, now there were three. One of us was in a coma and once of us had run away. as I quickly got dressed I started thinking about Harry I was so worried about him, plus I was angry for Zayn for pushing him. Ever since we came here, everthings just gone wrong!

After I changed, into a pair of skinny jeans and a stripy tshirt, I made my way to Alex's room. I knew she probably wanted Niall to cheer her up, but she was stuck with me.

"Alex!" I called walking into the dark room.

There was no reply. I thought maybe she was ignoring me.

"Alex come on".

I switched on the light to be meet with an empty bed. A million and one thoughts zoomed into my head but I knew she must have gone after Zayn.

Shit last night Niall went back into her room, they must have run away.

I ran downstairs and told Mike what had happened. It was on the phone calling 999 before I'd barely finished my sentence.

"Alex Malik aged 16, has run awau along with Niall horan aged 20," He stammered down the phone.

After the police had hung up he started running around in panice sweat appearing on his forehead. I knew he didn't give a stuff about Niall, he was just bothered about Alex as she's in his care.

"The council are going to kill me," He yelled.

He ran over to me and grabbed my shoulders.

"Louis do you have any idea where they might've gone"?

I shook my head. I didn't have a clue.

The police arrived and started asking questions about what had happened then they went out on patrol. While all Liam and I could do was sit and wait. I sat hunched up in a chair, feeling sick. I hope they're ok all of them Zayn, Niall, Harry and Alex.







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