Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


7. Just like old times


Zayn's p.o.v

As soon as Alex and I left the Highway I checked my watch.

'12:00' moaned Alex 'Mike is going to go crazy'.

 'Let’s not go back then' I replied back flipping over a traffic cone.

I landed perfectly on the ground, however when Alex tried it she miss timed her jump and landed in a heap on the floor. I laughed and pulled her up she definitely needed more practice.

'So why can't we just go back' she groaned dusting herself off.

'Little sister when you runaway you don't go to the evening then they'll be so worried about you that they won’t be angry they'll just be happy to see you' I said.

There was a low wall in front of us just waiting for somebody to flip over I jumped on it and did a handstand all the way down, (strangely enough Alex didn't attempt it this time).

'Easy Spiderman you don't want to end up as a pile of broken bones do you' she laughed.

'Fat chance of that' I said reaching the end of the wall.

I bent my knees, jumped, tripped and landed on some old lady sending her flying.

'I'm calling the police' she screamed trying to get back up.

'Time to go' I hissed.

I grabbed Alex's hand and ran down the road away from the woman, as we ran I heard her cursing words so bad that they'd burn through the page if I wrote them down.

'Wow somebody needs to wash that woman’s mouth out with soap' I panted leaning over to try and catch my breath.

'But Zayn what if she does call the police' Alex panicked.

'Chill out sis anyway can I borrow let’s say £500'.

'What' she shrieked 'what do you need that for?'

'Laser treatment I need to get rid of this tattoo' I rolled up my hoodie sleeve and stared at the tattoo It was a huge skull with bats round the edge in the middle were the words danger which were written in italic.

'I'd keep it if I were you scare of your kids'.

'I don't have kids' I snapped pretending to hit her.

'Wait I know what we’re going to do' I said.


'Follow me'

We ran down the streets till we got to the nearest McDonald’s. I peered through the window and saw a woman with two little kids they'd barely touched their food this was the time to attack.

'Time for the burger dive watch and learn sis'.

I walked into McDonalds and causally walked round the counter waiting for the woman to leave as soon as she did, I ran towards the table grabbed their remaining food and ran back to Alex.

'Zayn isn't that against the law and besides you're a millionaire why can't you just buy burgers'?

'Oh come Alex don't be a party pooper' I said opening up the meal.

We we're in luck the food was practically untouched. We ended up sharing a meal of two and a half burgers, two and a half bags of French fries and half of a mcflurry Ice-cream.

'This is just like the old days' I sighed rubbing my tummy.

'Yeah you know sometimes I miss those times' Alex sighed staring up at the blue sky.

The sun was beating down on us making me take my hoodie off and start to fan myself, the grass was lime green with endless daisy’s making the smells of the city disappear and here I was lying here with my sister at the best afternoon ever.

I didn't ever want to go back I wanted to stay here forever grasping this single second but of course this time had to end soon I was just enjoying it for now.

Hey guys sorry this chapter’s pretty rubbish but trust me the next one should be better. Anyway thanks for reading and remember to like and comment. Thank you for getting me to 50 likes please don’t unlike just cause this chapters rubbish.

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