Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


11. hows it possible?

Alex's p.o.v

 After we'd sorted things out with Liam I rushed upstairs to get ready. I tiptoed into the room in case Harry was still asleep but he was awake running his hand through his curls and looking at a photo. I peered forward and looked at it.

The photo was one of those photo strips which you get from a photo booth. On it was Zayn and the boys from the jets. The main guy Simon I think his name was, was sitting in the fron with Zayn on one side, James (Zayn's ex best friend

'Where did you get that'? I hissed snatching it from him.

'It was in the draw' he replied walking into the bathroom and running a bath.

‘Haz its private you shouldn't be looking at it'' I shouted over the roar of the taps.

'Look check the date on the back' he said ripping his t-shirt off.

I turned away from Harry avoiding his six pack and looked at the back of the photo. On it read august 2009 almost three years ago that's impossible Zayn didn't join the Jets till July 27th I always remember that day seeing as it was the worst day of my life.

'Harry' I said turning round to see him standing there stark naked.

'Yeah’ He replied quickly tying a towel around his waist.

'That date can't be right Zayn joined the Jets in July 2010 I remember the text's he sent to James' I protested.

'Maybe he joined the gang before' he replied hugging me.

I hugged him back he was so strange I barely knew Harry yet I felt like I could trust him like a brother; he was way more trustworthy then my real brother. Just for a few seconds I felt a peck on my lips, I couldn't be sure as my eyes were closed but I think Harry kissed me.

'But I don't understand' I shouted ‘how could Zayn keep this from me'?

'How could she not tell me about this' said a familiar voice.

I spun round and saw Zayn leaning against the door frame. He was raising his eyebrows at me and Harry hugging each other. Something told me he wasn't too happy.

'Um this isn't what you think' I stuttered pushing Harry away from me.

Harry looked up at me, he looked hurt and I could see tears in his eyes. I felt awful but there was no way Zayn could found out I was falling in love with one of his band mates.

'Really it seemed like you were making out with curly boy, how stupid are you' he shouted punching my shoulder (hard).

'Oi leave her alone as a matter of fact seems like you've been keeping secrets as welll haven't you Zayn?' Harry hissed walking up to him so they were head to head.

Zayn pushed him. Harry pushed him back they started hitting and slapping each other. I screamed at them to stop but they both ignored me.

'Al go’ Zayn hissed pushing me out of the room.


'I said now' he screamed.

I ran out of the room tears pouring down my face I need to stop them before somebody got hurt but what good could I do stuck here. Life's so unfair.

Zayn's p.o.v

I couldn't believe Harry was making out with my sister how dare he ever dream of doing such a thing, my aim is to get Alex back but Harry snogging her face off isn't helping me. After a few minutes of fighting we'd left the bathroom and were out on the landing, this was tempting.

‘I can't believe you'd do this Haz' I shouted pushing him against the wall.

'You’re the one who is saying how much he wants his sister back and yet he'll forget about her and join his stupid gang' he shouted.

'Shut up' I screamed anger rising inside me.

It would have been smart for Harry to having given up then but of course he had the last word. 'You Zayn Malik are an evil guy who will never be good at anything'.

I couldn't quite believe what did after that but I guess I have to put it. In fury I pushed him hard he was standing on the edge of the landing. He went flying down the stairs screaming. For one second I thought he was going to jump back up like a carton animal but he went flying into the darkness below eventually ending at the bottom of the stairs with a bang.

I ran down the stairs and peered down and looked at him he was lying there motionless I nudged him but he didn't budge. I closed my eyes and bent my head forward this was it I'd done some bad things in my time but never had I murdered my own band mate this was the worst thing in the world. Harry was right I was the meanest self-centred boy in the world. What's the point of me sticking around here nobody wants me nobody needs me so I might as well just leave.


Hey guys I know dramatic right. So what do you think of this chapter yes don't worry I hope this book will end happily (its nowhere near finished) but if not there will definitely be a sequel if I can think of a good story line. Here’s a quiz for you what do you want to happen.

 Thanks guys and if I can get 65 likes I'll update


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