Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


5. Five boys move in


Alex's p.o.v


'Ding dong'.

The doorbell rang downstairs making me wake up in panic. I opened my eyes and looked around the room for signs of morning but it was pitch black. I groaned and looked at my alarm clock it read 6am who the hell would be coming round at this time of morning. I ran my hands through my tangled brown hair grabbed my dressing gown and walked to the door.

'Is anybody going to get that'? I called down the corridor, but there was no reply.

I sighed slumped my feet down the stairs to the front door where Mike was standing looking annoyed. I walked up to him and peered round the door wear Zayn was standing.

'Hey Zayn' I said yawning 'bit early isn't it'?

'Alex' replied Mike through gritted teeth 'that’s not what I'm annoyed about I'm annoyed about this'.

As soon as the words left his mouth Liam and Harry came round and peered over Zayn's shoulders.

'Well at least it's only two more people it's not like he brought all his band mates is it' I stuttered (even though I knew they were coming) as his eyebrows practically knitted together.

'Oh my god this is a great place look check it out I found some Tuna pasta bake in the fridge' called Niall come out of the kitchen and making me jump.

'Niall that’s our lunch' I hissed grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt.

He shrugged his shoulders and stuffed the remains of our dinner into his mouth. I looked back at Mike who was sending each of the boys glares plus he looked like he wanted to throw each of them out including Zayn I had to change the subject.

'Wait' said Harry suddenly 'where’s Lou-'

'Seriously you guys have Pac man extreme please let me play it' begged Louis jumping into the hallway.

'How did you two get in'? I asked.

'Back door was open' he replied.

I looked over at Mike who had his face in his hand and looked like he was about to commit suicide 'look all of you make yourself at home'.

All the boys rushed into the living room, Mike when back upstairs to bed which left Zayn and I standing in the hallway.

'Want to stay in my room'? I asked.


'Ok don't you have a roommate’?

'She's away with her Dad' I said as we made our way up the stairs 'which is a good thing seeing as she's obsessed with you guys'.

We walked up to the landing, opened the door and went into my room. As soon as we got in I sat down on my bed feeling really awkward about all the things I had in my room. Zayn walked around a fiddled with my crystal collection and laughed at my teddy bear huddle. Then he walked to my wardrobe and opened the door that’s when something hit me the letters they were in the wardrobe.

'Zayn don't' I screamed but it was too late he opened the wardrobe and the box containing the letters spilled onto the floor.

'What all this'? He asked helping me put them away.

'Nothing' I gabbled turning bright red.

There’s one thing I can't stand about my brother if I tell him not to read something he'll read it. He grabbed one of my letters and started reading it out loud.

'Dear Zayn

           It feels like only yesterday we said goodbye but in fact it was two years ago. So much has changed in the last two years you've become a member of the most famous boy bands on the planet, and well I've ended up in care. Every night all I can think about is how my life’s changed, two years ago my name was Alex Malik now my names Alex smith nobody even knows your my brother nobody would believe my anyway' he started reading the letter but halfway through I switched off and stopped listening.

'Love your desperate sister Alex Smith (also known as Malik).' he read 'since when was your surname Smith'?

I looked at Zayn I could see tears in his eyes I had to tell him 'they did that so you couldn't track me down' I whispered that was enough for me tears started spurting down my cheeks and I couldn't stop it.

'I'm sorry' he whispered leaning over and hugging me.

'Anyway I've got something to show you'.

He jumped off my bed and ran to the doorway. He turned around and beckoned me to follow him. I sighed and followed him out the room what on earth could Zayn need to or want to show me so early in he morning. I guess I'm going to find out pretty soon.....



Hey guys hope you like this chapter I can’t get over the fact I have 16 likes and 22 favourites lists it might not sound like a lot but to me it feels like a lot anyway hope you guys like this chapter. So what do you think Zayn needs to show Alex comment what you think might happen.


Also I know this are annoying but I’m co-authoring a book called if only if you have time please check it out I'm hope you guys will like it. Anyway thanks for your likes so far my dream on this would be to get 50 likes but that might take a while. Love you all (not in that way).

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