Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


9. Falling for Harry.....

Alex's p.o.v

When we got back it was 11pm and everybody was in bed. Mike made Harry move into my room and made Zayn move in with Louis apparently it was so we wouldn't do something 'stupid' together. 'Stupid' no way our plans are way too good.

'Hey' said Harry coming into my room with all his stuff.

'Oh Hey, um that's your bed' I replied pointing to Charlie's bed.

As Harry placed his stuff on the bed I couldn't help laughing I could only imagine what Charlie reaction to Harry Styles sleeping in her bed would be. Harry heard me laugh and turned to look at me. I've got to admit he did look kind of hot he was wearing nothing special just a white t shirt and blue jeans but there was something about him that made me look.

'Time for bed' whispered Mike coming into the room ten minutes later.

'Sure whatever' yawned Harry running his hands through his curly brown hair.

I couldn't help but gaze at him that's when he came to me oh god maybe I kind of liked him.

'Oh and Al you're grounded' he said walking over to my bed.

I was under my duvet so there was just a large bulk in the bed. I gave some sort of groan then he sighed and left. I leaned forward and switched the light off. I sighed and looked around the gloom I could just about see the glint of Harry’s eye. I opened my mouth to say something but I didn't no what to say, so I decided to keep my mouth shut.

'Al' he piped up as I was just dozing off.


'If you don't mind me asking what is it with your family'?

'What do you mean'? I asked my heart pounding.

'Well you and Zayn are both so secretive you don't talk about what's happened to you or family I mean what about you're Mum and Dad'?

Harry's words made me think of Mum nobody excepts me to remember her but I remember everything, the way her blond hair touched my cheek when she hugged me the way her voice was always so happy and cheery. I tried to think of what she looked like but I have to go on is a picture. It was taken when I was about 6 and Zayn was around 11 all four of us were at the beach, Dad was lying there showing of his tummy laughing and smiling. Mum's standing at the side with one arm around me and one arm around Zayn. Sometimes I imagine that I'm still there I can feel the wind whipping my face and grit flying into my eyes, you don't know what I'd give to be back there.

'So' Harry asked interrupting my thoughts.

'Well my mums kind of dead a-'

I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face remembering her always reduced me to tears. I turned to face the wall and rubbed the tears away so Harry couldn't see me.

'Alex I'm sorry' he whispered.

He ran out of his own bed and in to mine. I flung my arms around his neck and let the tears pure out directly onto him.

'I'm making you're curls all wet' I sniffed.

'It doesn't matter sorry I'm so nosy' he replied.

'It's ok' I said.

I turned my head around and rested on his chest I was worried Harry would push me off but  he didn't seem to care. I put my ear down so I could hear his heart beating softly.

'Oh by the way ha-'

But he was already fast asleep gently snoring. I let out a small sigh stroked his hair one more time then fell fast asleep right in the comfort of his arms.


Hey guys sorry if you think it's weird trust me they are not going to do you know what I'm only 12 so I don't realyl want to write about that so what do you think happens below write 1,2 or 3

1) the next morning Alex ignores whats happend and forgets about it

2) their realtonship gets stronger but Zayn gets unhappy about it

3) their realtonship keeps going but Zayn dosen't find out

pleae commet with either a,b or c below anyway if I get about 55 likes I'll update. Love ya




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