Back For You {z.m} ON HOLD

"The past comes back to haunt you."


1. Don't forget me

Alex's p.o.v


'Zayn' I called down the corridor, 'suppers ready'

Zayn didn’t answer I sighed put the sausages onto the table into the living room, ran my hands through my long brown messy hair and went to find my brother.

'There you are' I said opening his bedroom door, I walked inside and was confronted with the smell of dirty socks and takeaway chips.

'Hey Alex' he replied sitting on his bed doing his shoe laces.

My heart started pounding hard surely he couldn't be going out again tonight? Ever since our Mum ran off when Zayn was thirteen and I was only eleven we'd been staying with endless friends and family, sometimes when there was nobody to look after us we would spent the night cuddled up to together under bridges and on wooden benches in railway stations. It was cold wet and horrible but he'd always told me it was this or we got taken into care not even together.

I remember everything we used to do we would tell each other stories and sometimes we sung together my brother has an amazing voice. When it was almost midnight I would lie down on his lap and he would always whisper to me telling me everything was going to be ok, when I was nine I used to believe him now I'm twelve I don't act so childish and stupid this is real life not some stupid fantasy story where there’s always a happy ending. Happy endings don't exist and they never will.

'Um are you going out tonight? ‘I asked sitting next to him on his old Spiderman duvet.

Zayn bent his head and stared down at the duvet like he really was Spiderman a superhero who saved the world, not some normal guy who was forced to look after his younger sister and had to act why older than his age.

'I'm sorry Alex I just need to get away from everything' he replied looking deep into his eyes.

I jumped off his bed so quickly that I tripped and landed in a heap on the floor.

'Zayn you promised you'd stop going out so much' I screamed getting up and dusting myself down.

'Look Alex it’s no big deal it’s not like were on the streets anymore is it'.

I sniffed and turned my head away it was true we weren't on the streets anymore a month go Zayn said enough was enough he dragged us to the housing estate and begged them for a flat telling them he was eighteen for some reason he even had I.D which said he was eighteen. Eventually after waiting for two weeks we got giving a small cramped council flat with two tiny bedrooms, a living room, a tiny bathroom and a kitchen which could barely fit one person in let us know two. Our flat wasn't exactly home but we had a roof over our heads, well at least till the housing estate find out Zayn is only sixteen and they take the flat away for us but that day shouldn't come any time soon.

'Don't you love me anymore' I snapped pushing him away as he tried to hug me.

'Oh for god sake Alex' he shouted grabbing his jacket and running his hands through his hair, 'grow up'.

'Grow up; I said stomping up to him, 'do you know it’s illegal living me hear on my own'.

'Give me strength' he muttered. He stomped out of the room grabbed his jacket and slammed the door leaving me all alone in the cold empty flat.

I ran into the living and threw myself on the sofa crying how could he do this to me normal brothers our supposed to be annoying and irritating I get that it's hard for him acting like my Dad but he didn't have to just leave me.

Just as I grabbed a glass of water my phone started vibrating.

'Hello?' I answered.

Hey Alex um look you know you told me not to say anything about you and your brother well I told my Mum' gabbled my one and only friend Ashley.

'What' I screamed 'Did she call social services'?

A few seconds later there was a knock on the door. I opened it and I woman was standing there.

'Alex we are here to get you took a proper home' said the woman grabbing my wrist.

I started screaming and tried to run away but one of the men caught me and dragged me out the door. Everybody was standing outside looking shocked Ashley and her Mum were standing outside their flat Ashley mum was nodding and smiling but Ashley was chewing her nails looking worried.

'Alex I so sorry I begged my Mum not to but she said you needed a proper home and now you won't see your brother ever again' she ran away from her Mum and put her arms around me crying.

I started whispering gently in her ear telling her it was not her fault but inside all I could think about was Zayn coming back to say he was sorry and I wouldn't be there, I wouldn’t be there.

By this time I had no energy left to scream so I went over to the lady and she put her arms around me.

'Alex we found these text that your brother sent to one of his mates a few minutes ago Ashley's cousin who was also there sent them to us.

I sniffed and took the phone away from her.

Hey mate I'm gonna join the gang cool right? xx Zayn

What about your sister? xx James

She'd be better of without me she wiill be much better in care see u L8ter xx Zayn.

I couldn’t believe it all this rubbish about us sticking up for each other didn't matter to Zayn. Well it didn't matter to me either I was going to go and live with a new family and forget all about the old one. I was no longer Alex Malik I was going to be a whole new person and there’s nothing Zayn could do to stop me.

Hey guys sorry if this is a bit sad it will get happier please comment and like for more.



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