Pandora is banished from her family and hunted for her curse. But their is another group of individuals after her. And they will stop at nothing to save her.


6. Chapter 6

“More! Focus all of your hatred on me!” Duke shouted at her as Pandora threw herself into another attack.

“Pandora! You have to get angry!” He continued with full power of his voice.
“I don’t know how!” She cried back, tightening her grip and focusing hard on his figure as he deflected her attempts.
“Just take a deep breath and pretend I’m your prey. Hunt me Pandora. Use your instincts.” He demanded, bracing himself for the next hit.

Pandora nodded silently, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath in.
“What’s this? You want to use me?” A voice asked her quietly.
Pandora breathed out.
“Little Pandora needs me to come out and play?” the voice asked again, as Pandora’s right arm began to chill.

“Just say the words and we can play together Pandora” the voice coaxed her, becoming almost sickly sweet.

“Please come out.” She whispered back quietly as her grip tightened.

“Then let’s play!” The voice giggled back.

Pandora snapped her eyes open and ran towards Duke. Her speed was incredible. He swiftly dodged and span around just in time as Pandora scraped his shoulder.

“Okay that’s enough Pandora!” He announced loudly, dodging yet another attempt and trying to spot his attacker.

“You know… We could kill him…” the voice inside Pandora’s head suggested casually, slowly becoming clearer.

“Pandora?” Duke called out to the courtyard as he gripped at his shoulder.

“Go on, just one cut and he’ll be gone…” the voice coaxed.

Duke froze. He could see someone in the courtyard. Someone was moving. But it wasn’t Pandora.

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