Pandora is banished from her family and hunted for her curse. But their is another group of individuals after her. And they will stop at nothing to save her.


5. Chapter 5

The home Duke was pointing to looked more like an ancient ruin. It stood like a haunted manor amongst the dark green trees that were beginning to tear apart its walls brick by brick.

“Don’t look so scared, it’s safe.” Duke comforted as Pandora stared hesitantly at the walls as Duke opened the large, heavy oak door with a heave. “Well come on, I don’t have all day, and neither do you.” He growled impatiently as Pandora scuttled past him quietly.

“Take a seat and warm yourself up a little.” He went on to order as they reached a vast room with moth eaten yet squashy sofas and chairs. Pandora curled up in one of these chairs and watched as Duke took off his long black trench coat and lit up a new cigarette. “Right then, so you can heal yourself. Anything else?” He asked whilst turning to light a fire in the empty grate across from Pandora.

“Well I can play piano, and sew a little…” Pandora replied quietly “My parents never really bothered teaching me much so…”
“I mean useful things. Can you fight?”
“I can fence a little?” Pandora offered in reply to his gruff question.
“Fencing? That’s posh sword fighting right?” He confirmed as Pandora nodded her head. “I can work with that. Come on.” He ordered again with a vague look on his striking features.

Pandora leapt up and followed quickly as Duke left the room. He led her to a small courtyard full of decaying statues of forgotten heroes.

“Pick up the sword.” Duke demanded, rolling up his sleeves and picking up one himself.
“You want me to fight you?” Pandora asked in shock, glancing down at the silver blade by her feet and then back to Duke.
“Not fight, just attack.”

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