Pandora is banished from her family and hunted for her curse. But their is another group of individuals after her. And they will stop at nothing to save her.


2. Chapter 2

Pandora rubbed her dark red eyes as her long white hair was cut short to her jaw line. She stared at her deathly complexion in the car window “Now get out.” Her fathered demanded, opening the door and staring into her eyes. “Now!” he shouted, pushing her out and watching with a cold expression as she fell to the hard ground. “Goodbye Pandora.” He muttered, closing the door as the car drove off into the distance.

“No! You can’t leave me! I will get better I promise!” Pandora shouted after the car, her voice quaking and her thin legs shaking violently. “I can’t help being like this…” she sobbed as the sky above her became cloudly and overcast. “It isn’t, my, FAULT!” she screamed out to the empty surroundings.

“You’re right, but it can’t be helped.” A voice behind her announced calmly, making Pandora jump violently and turn around. “You see my dear, you’re like us. You are different.” The voice sounded again from Pandora’s left. “Aren’t you curious about the truth Pandora? It’s the least you deserve after all” it suggested seductively as Pandora turn round and round trying to see the speaker. “And once you understand it, you can control it. And then you can reap your revenge against them all.”

Pandora stopped. She recognised the voice. It was her own.

“Come on Pandora, you know that you want to know more. And then who knows what we can do together?”

The voice was inside her head.

“After all Pandora.”

She clutched her skull and closed her eyes tightly.

“I am your curse, so why not use me?”

Pandora screamed. This all felt too familiar. She remembered the voice, the sense of temptation. The darkness that felt like it was crawling up her arms. “Don’t resist it Pandora. I can help you survive. I can make you greater than they ever could have.”

“DON’T MOVE. STAY CALM AND FOCUS ON MY VOICE.” A new voice called from somewhere in the distance. Pandora snapped her eyes open and stared through blurry vision at the silhouette that approached her. “It’s going to be okay, I’m not going to hurt you.” The voice said reassuringly. “Just let me carry you away, and I will be able to help you.” Pandora nodded, too scared to refuse, and too weak to resist.

“It’s all going to be okay Pandora. I’ll look after you.”

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