Pandora is banished from her family and hunted for her curse. But their is another group of individuals after her. And they will stop at nothing to save her.


1. Chapter 1

Pandora sighed to herself as she finished plaiting her long white hair. Her dark red eyes were lacking something as she stared into the mirror at her ghostly pale reflection. “Lady Osteil?” her family butler called into the room as he knocked on her bedroom door. “Come in Harry, I’m ready to go” she replied, standing up and taking one last look at herself in the mirror. “Young look beautiful ma’am, your parents will be so proud.” Harry comforted, holding out his hand to escort his young mistress to her christening. Pandora smiled weakly and smoothed out the creases of her ivory white gown before accepting his hand and being lead downstairs.

“You’re late darling.” Pandora’s mother snapped as soon as her daughter stepped into the family abbey. Pandora ignored her and walked silently beside her father up the aisle.  “Let’s get this over with. We only have 5 minutes left.” She heard her father mutter quickly to the priest before taking his seat. She glanced up as the clock ticked to 6:56pm. “Do I have permission from all parties to begin the ceremony?” The priest asked solemnly before taking the eerie silence as permission to begin.

“By the power vested in me by the gods of our earth, I present before their judgement a child by the name of Pandora Tia Osteil, may she be forever ridded of her sins.” There was a silence and all eyes fell onto Pandora as she knelt before the aged priest, a silver blade laid across her palms.
“With this blade of purest silver, I give to the gods our offering. The holy blood from my own body.” He took the blade from Pandora and ran it cleanly across his palm without flinching.
“And the tainted blood of our sinner, may she be cleansed and forgiven in the eyes of the lord.”
The blade was now run over Pandora’s hand, opening a harsh line of scarlet across her paper white skin. Both participants held their hands over a goblet, allowing a trickle of their blood to mix with the contents. “Now we drink. May our spirits be cleansed and all sins forgiven.”
Pandora stared into the goblet at the deep purple liquid. “Drink my child and be cleansed.” The priest encouraged her as she looked into his eyes. Everyone around her seemed to hold their breath as she took her half of the offering. The priest swiftly followed as the clock behind him chimed 7 times. “It is done.”

But something wasn’t right. Pandora could feel it on her palm. The warm, prickly sensation around her wound made her heart sink. Not now… she thought to herself, clenching her palm to open the cut, Please not now… “Now we will dress your wounds with the rags from your previous life.” The priest announced, taking up a slither of red material and holding out his hand for hers. “Place your hand and faith in mine my dear.” He encouraged. Pandora closed her eyes tightly and placed her palm in his. There was complete silence.

“May I please consult the parents of this child.” The priest announced gravely, pushing her hand aside. Pandora felt her heart drop. Her palm was completely healed. It was all over.

“Get her out of my sight.” Her mother snapped before following the priest and leaving her daughter in a heap beneath the alter.

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