Ordinary to Extraordinary

Carmina is a 19 year old who lives in the suburbs of San Fransico.She has very little family and a small group of close friends,but that all changes when she meets one of the biggest stars in the world.What will she do?Travel the world with the one she loves Or go back to her average life.Will she take her time in the spot light or fade in the blackness.


5. What happens in LA


We've been in L.A 3 day and I was fed up with Chelise every time I wanted to go do something she would drag me to some club.the night always ended with me holding her head over a toilet.after I got dressed I waked into the living room to find her awake laying slumped over on the couch.i put her there on purpose for revenge because she threw in my purse and I had to pay 150$  to get my phone fixed

Chelise:"where are you going."

Me:none of your Bi

Chilse:"Tell me Carmina 

me:"your not my mom if I wanted her  here I would have brought her .i ran out of the room before she could yell at me 

"WTF" I thought to myself as I walked into a random music store it had walls full of instruments.There where Drums,guitars,cellos,and violins.i walked to the guitar section and saw a beautiful red wood guitar on sell and grab it and ran to the register

clerk"hi my name is chad how my I help you"

Me:"Hi I would like to by put this guitar. How much dies it cost?"

Chad:"Yes that one cost 400$

li handed him the money and he showed me to the back so I can pick out a case and some strings.i left the store and walked for another Hours or so and stop at a huge building and sat on the steps.i pulled out my guitar and played a few cords.when all of a sudden I felt hot liquid on my back


Stranger:"Omg in so sorry are you ok."i looked up and saw Zyan form one direction. He looked at me with concern

Me:umm I'm fine thanks."

Zyan:are u sure


zayn: do you wanna come in and clean up

Me:naww i don't wanna be a burden

Zyan:I just spilled hot coffee on you and your worried about being a burden"he said with a smile I nodded and we walked in to the building.as I waked in I found out it was a recording studio. Zyan  saw that I was staring"you can go inside if you want."I walked in and he left I played with the buttons and walked inside the studio and sang a lil line from my song.i walked out and grab my red book.i realized I had to go pee

after I found my way to the bathroom after 10 minutes.I went back to the studio and grab my things to leave I forgot my red book.i started to look on the couch,in the booth and under the couch.NOTHING. I walked out of the room mad I turn my head and saw a group of boys in the lobby holding my red book

Me:can I have my book back?

Boy1:yea right this book is full of songs and lyrics

Me:I know and I can tell you every word in there 

boy2:huh then what's the song on page 13

Me:"good luck charm"I said with a smirk

boy1:"what's the song on pages 27 

Me:"more than this"

LI grab my book out of boy1 hands and he stood up.Zyan:"you wrote all these song."Me:yes."

boy1:give me the song

Me: why would I do that".i said coldly 

Boy1: just give me the damn song."

Boy2:Harry claim down man."

Harry:No she is being a little bitch."I opened up the book and found the song he wanted and ripped it out

Me: you wanted this song?

Harry:yes."SLAP I hit him with the pages

Me:your welcome

Harry:thank you he said with a smile

Me:oh you thought I was giving it to you for free?"I'm not that stupid!"


1 hour later....

I sat I room with a lawyer as we went over the terms of the contract.basically I would get 150,000 for giving them the song.that meant every time they preformed the song or played it on the radio I would make money.plus  if they put it on there album I would get 3%.in the hour we where in the room I found out all the boys names.Nail is the outspoken one.Liam is the the sweetheart.Zyan is the bad boy.louis is the shy one.Harry is the......well I don't know what he his is.


Paul:since we got a hit on out hands who wants to go to dinner."we all said me in unison.i asked for 5 minutes so I could call Chelise.i rang once 

Chelise:Wow after 7 hours you wanna call me

Me:shut up and get dressed


Me:just do it and look nice ill be there in 10


i hung up on her.i walked to the door and saw Zyan standing there by the door i smiled and walked past him.i felt hands on my waist pulling me back.

Zyan:Where are you going."

Me:t-to my car."

Zyan:oh we're driving together




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